• My first time meeting Aaron n Mike 05/18/2005
    My first time meeting Aaron n Mike 05/18/2005
  • Rocco n I meeting Mike n Jon during an in store at Daddy's Junkie Music 07/16/2005
    Rocco n I meeting Mike n Jon during an in store at Daddy's Junkie Music 07/16/2005
  • At 730am I was there handing out flyers with the words to "Beetle" for this event.
    At 730am I was there handing out flyers with the words to "Beetle" for this event.
  • My first meet n greet pass
    My first meet n greet pass
  • My first meet n greet with the whole band 12/16/2005
    My first meet n greet with the whole band 12/16/2005
  • The fan book I made n gave to Aaron on 12/10/2005
    The fan book I made n gave to Aaron on 12/10/2005
  • Meet n Greet 05/31/2006
    Meet n Greet 05/31/2006
  • Staind fan appreciation show at The Hiro Ballroom in NYC 09/06/06
    Staind fan appreciation show at The Hiro Ballroom in NYC 09/06/06
  • Signed poster from the Aaron Lewis solo show at Longmeadow High School 11/04/06
    Signed poster from the Aaron Lewis solo show at Longmeadow High School 11/04/06
  • Meet n Greet from the Aaron Lewis solo show at Longmeadow High School 11/04/06
    Meet n Greet from the Aaron Lewis solo show at Longmeadow High School 11/04/06
  • The Dom
    The Dom
  • Rocco was so cute carrying my bottle like a baby...hehe!
    Rocco was so cute carrying my bottle like a baby...hehe!
  • The Starland Ballroom nightmare meet n greet 03/31/07
    The Starland Ballroom nightmare meet n greet 03/31/07
  • The Borgata Atlantic City, NJ 07/03/07 meet n greet.
    The Borgata Atlantic City, NJ 07/03/07 meet n greet.
My first time meeting Aaron n Mike 05/18/2005
My first time meeting Aaron n Mike 05/18/2005
I'm missing a lot of reviews...I will get them all updated someday.


Aaron Lewis The Emporium, NY June 13th 2013

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Aaron Lewis The Paramount, NY March 21st 2013

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Aaron Lewis Irving Plaza, NY December 14th 2012

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Aaron Lewis Westbury, NY February 19th 2012

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Staind Best Buy Theater NYC September 15th 2011

   Staind 9/11 Benefit Show Best Buy Theater 9/15/2011

   Staind performed a benefit show on September 15 with all proceeds going to the widows and children of 9/11 victims. Staind's label Atlantic Records matched every dollar. The whole event raised more than 40 thousand dollars.

   I went to this show with an open mind, not knowing how I would react to my first Staind show, post Jon Wysocki. It was definitely odd not seeing Jon behind the kit, but I didn't let that cloud my opinion of the night. Staind is Aaron Lewis, Mike Mushok, Johnny April and Jon Wysocki and to me always will be. However, Jon's replacement, Sal Giancarelli, Jon's drum tech did a great job and seems to fit in well with the band.

   Staind took the stage before a packed house at the Best Buy theater in NYC, and welcomed the crowd in unusual fashion. They opened up with their usual swan song, "Mudshovel", totally surprising the crowd. Staind, whom just released their 7th studio album, their heaviest in years, obviously wanted to set the tone of the evening. After belting out "Mudshovel" they dipped into the new CD and gave the crowd it's first taste of the new CD, with "Throw it All Away". With the crowd pumped, Aaron and the boys turned it down a notch with "Right Here", the hit single from Chapter V. They followed that up with another new tune, "Failing", again the crowd reacted well. A mosh pit, small as it was even opened up, its been awhile since I've seen a mosh pit at a Staind show. I guess the people moshing saw Aaron's calling for some moshing in their newly released DVD. They of course did their usual crowd favorites, So Far Away, Its Been Awhile and Outside. The pinnacle of the night was when Aaron came to the mic and explained that they had never done this song live yet and he may just drop the guitar and turn down the volume. He explained that he did not like being told what he could and couldn't do. They then played "Wannabe", quickly becoming a fan favorite, a mixture of heavier guitar riffs and Aaron rapping. By far the raunchiest song Staind has ever recorded. They killed it, perfected played, flawless. They also played, from the new CD, "Eyes Wide Open", and "The Bottom" as well as the first single, "Not Again", which is quickly climbing the rock charts. They played one last song from the new CD, "Paper Wings", which received a great response from the crowd. Not to disappoint, since they already played their usual closer, ended the evening with "For You".

   After a brief walk off stage Aaron and Mike emerged to play one last song. Staind ended the show with "Something to Remind You", the only ballad on the new CD. A somber and very dark song with only Mike's light guitar picking and Aaron's voice. It amazed me how many people knew the song word for word. An odd way to end a show showcasing the heavy side of Staind, but nonetheless very enjoyable. This song is destined to be listed right up their with "Outside" and "Its Been Awhile". The crowd seemed very pleased with the show.

   It was a good show, even though it had its share of equipment issues and Aaron forgetting words issues. Keep in mind Staind hasn't been on the big stage on a day to day basis in some time and the rust will shake off and the Staind we're all accustomed to will break through and give the fans what they wanted for a long time, a kick you in the teeth heavy show. Welcome to Dysfunction 2011 people, Staind is back.

Aaron Lewis Westbury, NY February 20th 2011

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Aaron Lewis Best Buy Theatre NYC October 11, 2010

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Aaron Lewis ITAC August 14th 2010

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Aaron Lewis Basketball Hall of Fame August 10th 2010

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CPR Fest in Biloxi, MS July 10th 2010

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Staind in Philly August 30th, 2009

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Staind in Maryland July 09th, 2009

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Aaron Lewis solo acoustic show Verona, NY February 21st 2009

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Aaron Lewis solo acoustic show Atlantic City NJ February 14, 2009

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Aaron Lewis solo acoustic show Atlantic City NJ February 13, 2009

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Staind Hammerstein Ballroom NYC November 18th, 2008

   That familiar feeling rolled in again early monday morning when the doorbell rang. My apartment once again became Staind central, with the arrival of my out of state peeps. Harrison from North Carolina and Eric from Delaware were in town for the Hammerstein show. Seether, Papa Roach, and Staind all on the same stage, on the same night spelled out one rockin evening. After a relaxing monday, the pre-party festivities were about to begin. A quick ride to pick up another peep and we were back and ready to party. My husband Rocco, Eric, Harrison, Otan, Lauren and her boyfriend George, and myself sitting back cranking Staind and preparing for another kickass night of music. Later in the evening Tony and Cindy from North Carolina came over. the pre-party wound down in the wee hours of the morning.

   It was Tuesday, the day was here. We all got ready and headed for the railroad. A short ride on the rail and welcome to Manhattan. We arrived at the venue at around 4:30 and met up with our group, already on line. We had a crew of around 20 peeps once we all arrived. Richie finally emerged to bring us inside for the meet and greet. The meet and greet was the usual set up, line up get a pic signed, reline up, take a photo and bang its over. It was nice seeing the guys again and as always a pleasure having that short yet meaningful convo with Aaron. Once the M & G was over we proceeded into the venue. We began our trek through the crowd towards the front as State of Shock was finishing their set. We were all set at the front when Papa Roach came out. Papa Roach came out and wowed the crowd. Definitely a talented showman with his on and off stage antics. At one point climbing into the crowd mid-song and climbing up on to the balcony, much to the dismay of the venue security who valiantly attempted to keep up with him. They played their big hits like "Scars", "Getting Away with Murder", and "Forever", as well as a few new tracks from their upcoming CD including a song he dedicated to Paris Hilton called "Hollywood Whore". All in all they rocked the crowd and set us up for a great night.

   Next up was Seether, ok terrific, time for Staind. Ok, ok, Seether attempted to rock the house, but due to possibly the worst sound set up ive ever heard, they crashed and burned. The bass was so cranked that Shawn's vocals were almost non-existent. Im not sure what they were shooting for, but, between songs they had a guitar whining uncontrollably for the entire break between each song. Their guitarists little convos with the backstage personnel between songs added to the crowds dismay as well as shawn walking offstage several times between songs. In a nutshell Seether joins the list of great CD/radio bands. To not totally bash their performance, they did do a good job with "Fuck Me Like You Hate Me" and "Remedy". Seether's set ended and left me less than thrilled. Oh well.

   The moment of truth was now upon us, the previously loose crowd suddenly crammed forward. The lights dimmed and strobes behind the transparent curtain slowly began to flicker. Just when you were ready for the boys to break out in some kick-ass song we were all stunned when a Johnny Cash song began to play, WTF. It continued to play for a few minuted until the jarring intro to "Suffocate" swallowed up the Cash tune and the transparent curtain fell from the rafters and in a violent display of light the boys emerged onstage to a fierce roar from the crowd. That heart pounding feeling began to rip through our chests and that uncontrollable urge to pump our fists in the air took over. That feeling is what keeps us coming to show after show. The boys cranked out "Suffocate", they followed with another crowd favorite, "Falling". Mike who still impresses the crowd with his dual guitar display on "Right Here". They followed with their first new song of the night with "All I Want". "Fade" and "So Far Away", two more classics blessed the set list. Another new tune "Pardon Me" simply wowed the crowd, one that will definitely become a fan favorite. Aaron then came out alone and did "Epiphany" solo which turned the crazed crowd into a swaying bunch of lighter holders, only to re-ignite us by blasting out into "For You". They then reached back into the past and cranked out an early tune, "Tolerate", that song totally incensed the crowd. They then played "Outside" because they have to. Then to the crowds amazement a rarity blasted out of the speakers, "Spleen" live, wow what a treat. Their hit from the new CD "Believe" followed by "Its Been Awhile" wound up the set list in preparation for the usual finale, "Mudshovel". This "Mudshovel", however would leave a scary memory in all our hearts. Flashbacks of the Dimebag Darrell tragedy played in our minds as some freak ran through the crowd and jumped on the stage behind Mike. He was loose onstage for a good 5 seconds mostly due to total ineptness of the venue security staff. Richie came barelling across the stage and like a linebacker on a mission totally crushed this guy and slammed him to the floor. This dude without a doubt got his ass handed to him backstage. Even with the onstage distraction the boys completed "Mudshovel" without missing a beat. The boys left the stage after yet another memorable night. Another night and another Staind memory. It was that time again, time to say goodbye. Time to say goodbye to the boys and for all the peeps to head back home until the next show, the next road-trip, and the next night of Staind madness which cant come fast enough.

Staind in Maryland October 04th, 2008

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Staind CD Release Party at the Hard Rock Cafe Times Square NYC August 19th, 2008

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Staind Camden, NJ July 26th, 2008

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Staind Hartford, CT July 18th, 2008

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Staind Camden, NJ May 18th, 2008

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Aaron Lewis solo show with special guest LoPro at the Mohegan Sun February 23, 2008

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Aaron Lewis solo show at the Borgata February 09, 2008

Day Two of Madness in AC and yes this is another small novel of a review.

   I woke up to the sound of the phone ringing. Everyone knows, when the Staind family is together, Rule number one, "sleep is not an option". LOL! We started off with all my peeps coming to my room, one by one. We pretty much just sat around chit chatting and reminiscing about the night before, with everyone still on cloud nine from the "Aaron Lewis experience". The day was flying by, before we knew it, the day was almost gone. We all agreed to meet in the cafeteria to grab a bite before the show. Time to say goodbye so we could all get ready. I was nervous, not knowing what was going to happen that night. I mean after the first night, I don't think I could take any more excitement with only a few hours sleep. I jumped into the shower, got dressed and out the door to the Borgata to meet up with everyone. I was excited for that night, but yet in the bottom of my stomach I was sick just knowing that it was our last night together. On our way to the cafeteria the girls wanted to stop in the Borgata gift shop, so we made a fast pit stop and off to the cafeteria we went. We grabbed a slice of pizza and sat for a few minutes. Time was ticking and it was almost time to get our tickets at will call. We all chatted for a bit and then headed upstairs to the venue, I grabbed our tickets and when I open the envelope, I see four backstage passes. Here we go again, woohoo, back to the dressing room.

   The night before, Aaron's Aunt Jeanna had called and told me she was going to surprise the girls and be waiting in the dressing room. I turned to the family and told them that we will see them later, I felt bad leaving everyone behind. I turned and looked at everyone as I walked threw the big red doors, knowing I won't see them until after the show was over. I let the girls go in front of me knowing Aunt Jeanna was waiting in that dressing room. They walked in the room and boom, here comes the tears again, haha!. They were so surprised she was there. They hugged and said their hello's. It was great to see Jeanna again. I haven't seen her since July of last year. We all chatted, laughed and took a few pictures. Jeanna had her husband, Harold, was with her too. It's always a pleasure to see him, he's so funny, he keeps you laughing when he is around. As we were all chatting away and hanging out, Aaron walked in. He sits down and starts chatting away, yes Aaron really does talk. LOL! He was telling me all about the new record, and he gave us a lesson on guitars, which I found fascinating. It was nice to see the more relaxed Aaron, a side of him most never see. The girls had some stuff they wanted Aaron to sign and they grabbed a few more pictures with him and it was show time. I felt like I was in that room all night but it was only an hour, time to say goodbye and knowing it was the last time the girls were going to see him, it was a sad moment. After leaving the dressing room we headed to our seats to await the last and final show of the weekend.

   After a few minutes, the lights went out and Aaron strolled out on stage with guitar in hand, he started with "Please", then "Home", "Devil", "Let it Out", a flawless cover of Johnny Cashs' "Hurt", "Fade", "Schizophrenic Conversation", "Massachusetts", then started a few teases of Justin Timberlakes "Senorita", "Sweet Leaf" (Black Sabbath), "Love on the Rocks" (Neil Diamond), "Love Song" (Tesla), "Bobby McGee" (Janis Joplin), "Summer Breeze" (Type O Negative), followed by "Bong Hits For Breakfast", "Fill Me Up", "Tangled Up in You", and "Black Rain". Aaron then takes a moment out to thank everyone for still sticking around after all these years, followed by another dedication to our beloved Kim who has passed and then "So Far Away", Aaron walks off the stage and returns a few minutes later. The encore started with "Epiphany", then "It's Been Awhile", "Outside" and then "Intro" ala no mic no amp. That was it, the end, as Aaron walks off stage and says goodnight. The show was over and we left to go find everyone, they were all waiting outside the doors as we came out. They were surprised to see Jeanna with us, camera's out again and a few group shots later we were done. Jeanna had something for me up in her room so we had to leave the group again for a bit. We followed Jeanna up to her room and she gave me my Christmas gift along with my Birthday gift. lol We stayed in her room for a bit and chatted once again, then headed back to the casino to meet up with everyone. We said our goodbyes to Jeanna and we were on our way back down to the cafeteria where the gang was waiting for us. The night was almost over and so was our weekend, we headed back to the hotel for one last after party and performance by Otan Vargas.

   I ran into my room to throw on my PJ's, took a deep breath and headed to room, # 906 with tears in my eyes, knowing this was our last night together. When I walked in the room everyone was sitting around as they were the night before, except this time there wasn't a sound, no laughing, no talking, just everyone sitting there listening to Otan. I looked around the room for a place to sit and my eyes immediately spotted one right next to my girl, Stacey. As I sat there, in my head I kept wishing I could stop time, that I didn't want this weekend to end. One glance at Stacey and that was all I needed to start the ball rolling with the tears. I tried so hard to fight it but I couldn't hold back, another glance at Cyndi and it was all over. The tears were flowing and I couldn't stop it, I love those girls so much it was breaking my heart knowing it was our last night together. My insides were screaming don't let this end, I didn't want to say goodbye I just wanted more time with them. The clock was ticking, time was running out. When it was just about over, before everyone said their goodbyes, I was handed a card. This was not just a card, this was the moment at which I realized how much everyone means to me, and how I'm so glad I have met so many wonderful people. I opened the card and started to read it when all of a sudden I see this "Gift Card" taped to the side. OMG! NO FUCKIN WAY "A SPA"? is all I could say, I was speechless , shocked, and emotional. I continued to read all the names as I read each one, the tears were flowing down my face as if it was raining. I repeated saying "A Spa", over and over again. I couldn't find the words to express how I was feeling at that time. My peeps had all chipped in and got me a gift card to an all day spa here in my town. "A SPA" WOW! I thanked each and everyone and I was still shocked and speechless all I could say was, thank you. I have never felt so loved and appreciated in my life, my emotions were out of control and I couldn't fight them anymore. The tears just kept pouring out of my eyes. '"THANK YOU EVERYONE"! I still can't find the right words to express my gratitude for this gift. The night was just about over and with my emotions out of control at this point, how was I to say goodbye? Stacey said they were going to breakfast in the morning that she would call me so I could join. That made me feel better knowing I still had time to say goodbye and that maybe tomorrow won't be so bad right? Wrong, but I will get to that in a minute. One by one everyone disappeared into their rooms to get some sleep before hitting the road back home. At this point we all agreed to have breakfast together so back to my room for a little rest before our real goodbyes.

   A few hours sleep, and the phone rings, it's Stacey telling me she is downstairs and they are having breakfast. I'm half a sleep at this point so I say I will be there soon, I hang up and roll back over to go back to sleep. I was so tired from not sleeping for days cause remember this all started on Wednesday and it's now Sunday. After a few minutes I jump up and say WTF am I doing? this is my last chance to see everyone. With that I throw some clothes on and wash my face with ice cold water, I then woke Rocco up telling him he will be kicking himself later, if he misses this. He gets up and goes to Justin's room and bangs on the door to get him up too. We all went down to meet up with the others. I sat at the table with Stacey, Cyndi and Craig and after a few little Pixie joined us. She looked so sad as she sat next to me with tears in her eyes, as we all had tears, knowing this was our last meal together. After I inhaled a few cups of coffee it was that dreadful time, I didn't want to see come. It was time to say goodbye, the hugs, the tears, the when will I see you again emotions. "IT SUCKED" but as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end at some point. I stood there watching everyone get into the elevator, watching the doors close to get my last wave in. I headed back to my room and at this point I just wanted to go home I was so depressed. Justin, Otan, and Ashlee who I didn't get to spend time with cause the weekend just went way to fast, they all came back to my room to hang until it was check out time. We all sat around watching the clock knowing we had to leave at some point soon, but didn't want to knowing once we checked out it was really over. Pixie stopped by for one last hug, saying goodbye to her was so hard not knowing if I will ever see her again. Check out time was creeping up so it was time to get out before they threw us out. HAHA! We all headed out to the lobby to check out and one last hug or two it was over. Goodbye everyone, I have missed you all so much since that day. Well most of you cause I had Adina for another week or so and Justin, Raina and Otan came over after that weekend. LOL! Until next time peace out yo!

Aaron Lewis solo show at the Borgata February 08, 2008

I must warn you this is as long as a small novel. haha!

   It all started on Wednesday Feb. 6th, this day the power of the Staind Family would be proven. On this day we were heading to JFK airport, to pick up Adina. We took the kids out of school early and we hit the road. We were all so excited to meet Adina in person and to get this big adventurous weekend started. When we arrived at the airport we were greeted by Tony, a Staind fan from North Carolina who was in town visiting family. We waited with anticipation watching the door open and close, waiting for Adina to finish going through customs. While my kids stood there with their welcome Adina signs, out walks this custom agent with a sign reading, huh, Lisa Patto. Wow that was wierd. Adinas passport was missing my address. After clearing up that little problem we knew she would be coming real soon. Then all of a sudden there she was, the joy on her face was indescribable.She walked out the door and dropped her bags. We ran to each other to have our first official hug, the real hug we have been talking about for so long. There she was, right in front of me for real, and not on a computer screen. She was so beautiful in person, her eyes were so bright, she was absolutely stunning, and so tall too. LOL! We chatted for a bit and then headed back home, we didn't talk much on the way home. I wanted her to take it all in and look out the window as we drove. Her first car ride in the USA, we took the long way home so she could see all the stores and buildings on the way. I knew she was excited to be here. I could see her grinning from ear to ear in the side view mirror of the car. We arrived at my house and all I kept thinking in my head was WOW! She is really here. We chatted and laughed as if we knew each other forever. Tony had picked up some pizza on his way so we threw it in the over and dinner was served. We all chatted and laughed till the AM hours. Now it was time for some much need rest.

   The next morning, after I got the kids off to school, we all headed out for some breakfast at our favorite diner. We decided to go for a walk on the beach, and after freezing our asses off, we ran back to the car and headed to Looney Tunes, a must see for any Staind fan. Even though it had burned down and was rebuilt the history of Staind still lives on, on the roof top. Tony and Adina were buying the store out with handfuls of CD's and other stuff. The day was going so fast it was already time to head back home to pick the kids up from school. After picking up the kids we had time for a fast cup of coffee and it was back in the car to head back to JFK to pick up Little Pixie. Justin, my bro from the 413, had come in so he could join us on the journey back to the airport. We all jumped into our cars and headed on our way to pick up Little Pixie, same place as we were the day before. Now here we go again watching those doors and waiting for our Little Pixie to come out. The doors open and there she was, in all her cuteness waving to us as she came around the bend. WOW! she was so cute I wanted to put her in a baby doll carriage and play house with her. HAHA! We all chatted and hugged before heading back home yet again. On the way home we stopped at Dairy Barn, which is a drive through store here on Long Island. I have told both girls about this little store we have here, but to see the look on Little Pixies face when we drove through there was priceless. She couldn't believe you could order milk, bread, cookies, etc through a drive through store. LOL!

   We got back at home, and now with a house full, Adina, Pixie, Justin, Tony, Rocco and I with my 2 kids. WOW! where was I putting everyone? The rule was where ever you place your ass is where you were sleeping. LOL! Rocco had ordered a three foot hero with all the trimmings so it was time to have a bite and relax. Ramona stopped over to say hi to the girls and meet everyone. I could see this was going to be a long night with all of us together, who could sleep? Hours had passed and now it was after midnight, one by one they dropped and the sole survivors were Justin and I, who sat at my kitchen table on our laptops as if we were playing battleship. HAHA! We laughed our asses off till the wee hours of the morning, but knowing we had to hit the road to AC we needed a few hours of rest. In order to stop the madness with us I had to sleep in my kids room with the door shut so we would stop laughing.

   Friday morning came quick, it was almost time to start our AC adventure, WOOHOO! ,where is Tony, Adina and Pixie? Tony decided to take the girls for a ride. So they were on their own little adventure. I packed and got everything ready to load up the car. Rocco headed out to pick up Otan, so Justin and I waited for everyone to get back so we could hit the road. Tony, Pixie and Adina returned, and shortly after, Rocco and Otan. It's time to load up the cars and hit the road Yo!

   We are finally ready to get on the road to AC, I wondered what my neighbors were thinking, with all the out of state plates and all of them with Staind decals on them. Once on the road it was like a Staind parade with the Staind mobile leading the way. Traffic was moving well, one pit stop to gas up and boom "Welcome to Atlantic City". We checked into our hotel, took a fast shower, grabbed a bite to eat and it was time to get to the Borgata. Back out the door and on our way to the Borgata, get on the expressway and Rocco misses the turn. If you look back on my review from July 3rd you will see this has happened before. LOL! Back around again and hmmm I think we are lost, Rocco says we aren't but yes we were. My phone rings, it's my girl, Stacey from Tampa, she is telling me they are going to start the meet & greet. UGH! Here we go again, go back to that review from July 3rd same thing happened then too. Phone rings again, it's Stacey saying the meet & greet started. I tell her to put Richie on which she hands him the phone. I explain to him we are just a few minutes away and that I have Pixie and Adina with me that they can't start the meet & greet without them. He tells me to hurry up which was impossible since we were still trying to find our way to the Borgata. Back around one more time and into the parking lot of the Borgata. We parked and ran in. As I came up to the long line of people waiting to get into the venue, I see Judd, Aaron's tour manager. I tell him what happened and he asked me how did I want to do this? I was like huh? Do what? In his hand was a stack of backstage passes. I knew about this but didn't know how it was going down, unsure if it was going to be before, or after the show. To my surprise it was before and after but I will get to that in a minute. He asked who was in my group and I told him. He then began handing out backstage passes to everyone. My heart was racing from running and being nervous that we missed the meet & greet, little did I know we didn't miss a thing. We were escorted to Aaron's dressing room which was hooked up with beer and soda for us. We were all very excited to not only be in Aaron's dressing room waiting for him, but to be together as well. After we all piled into Aaron's dressing room, who walks in with a ciggy hanging from his mouth and a shit eatting grin on his face? Yup! You guessed it, the man himself, Mr. Aaron Lewis.

   As soon as Adina and Pixie saw him they both started crying, they couldn't believe Aaron was standing right in front of them. Aaron walked up to them and gave them both a hug, he told them "don't cry", he was trying to get them to stop crying but that was impossible. They were so happy and excited to be here in AC in the US and with Aaron, there was no stopping these girls, their emotions were flowing. After they were able to pull themselves together it was picture time, we took so many pictures in that dressing room. If I posted them all on my site it would crash. HAHA!

   During the meet and greet, Tony called Harrison (AKA) H-Cookie and handed Aaron the phone, a few minutes later, who walks in, H-Cookie. Now the whole family is here, roll call please, Me, Rocco, Adina, Pixie, Justin, Craig, Cindy, Stacey, Jess, George, Eric, Gretchen, H-Cookie, Raina, Otan, Bill, Emily, George, Kathy, Laura, Cindy, and Danny. I think that's all of us, I hope I didn't miss anyone.

   After everyone had whatever signed and took a pic or two, it was time for Aaron to go, he had to get ready for the show. We said our goodbyes and then were told we could come back after the show and hang some more with Aaron. WHAT? Not once, but twice hanging with "Big A", we left and got to our seats. I turned to look for the girls and there they were with tears still in their eyes. Their dreams had come true they got to meet Aaron and talk with him. Their long trip to the US was well worth it, not only did they get to meet Aaron for the first time they are now going to see him perform solo for the first time. I was so happy for the both of them, as they sat next to me holding each other in excitement waiting for the show to start. The lights went out and here comes Aaron, walking up to his stool, he sits and says. Hey! He starts with Novacaine, then Massachusetts, Zoe Jane, Everything Changes, Something Like Me, and Something in the Way (Nirvana Cover), Waste, Tangled Up in You, another beautiful song Aaron wrote for his wife, Vanessa. He continued with Anywhere But here, (another new song), a bluesy version of Bong Hits, a cover tease of "What's Up" (4 Non Blondes) and "Still Loving You" (Scorpions), a few more teases of "Sexy Back", "I Want it that Way" and then an outstanding cover of "Wonderful Tonight" (Eric Clapton). A few fans yelled out "Sober" but Aaron wanted to make them beg by teasing them with "Dead or Alive" then "Sober", then "Dead or Alive" again. LOL! He's such a goof, after he was done messing around with the fans he played "Sober" in it's entirety, and then he played "Falling". Which was a treat for me since he hasn't played that in about a year. Then he stopped and did a little dedication to our beloved "Kim", she just passed away a few weeks before the shows. She was supposed to join us in AC that weekend but we know she was there in spirit. Then after he dedicated "So Far Away" to her, I know she was smiling in heaven as she looked down on us.

   After "Kim's" dedication he walked off stage for a bit and Pete Ricci from Lo-Pro came out to say "Is that all you guys got on a Friday night in Atlantic City"? The crowd roared in anticiaption of Aarons return. Gotta love that guy for always knowing how to get a crowd going. After that Aaron walks back out on stage with a ciggy hanging from his mouth. He sits down and plays "Epiphany", then "Outside" a pause, and he starts to play "It's been Awhile" he stops and says "I would like to take a minute out to say Happy Birthday to Lisa, I just want her to know how much I appreciate everything she does for me, Thanks Lee, *Dies* and then plays "It's Been Awhile" and then he stepped down from his stool and sat on the edge of the stage, unplugged his guitar and played "Intro". That was the last song and the show was over. Wow! What a great show I was ready for bed after that one, but nope, not so fast, time to go back to the dressing room to hang with Aaron again.

   We all piled back into the dressing room for round two, this time it was more layed back and just relaxing. Just hanging out chatting about the show and taking pics of each other. After a while Aaron joined us and after a few hugs and pics it was over. Aaron needed to rest and we didn't want to overstay our welcome, after all there is still tomorrow. We were heading out the door and Aaron said see y'all tomorrow with that "I said y'all"? WTF! is up with that? Aaron said he gets that from this idiot, meaning Richie. LOL! Until tomorrow Yo! Now it's time to head to our favorite spot, the cafeteria, as we always do when we are at the Borgata. We all sat down to grab a snack before we headed back to the hotel for the after party starring "Otan Vargas"

   The after party was in Justin and Otan's room. Most of us still had one eye open to hang for a bit and some of us went back to their rooms to get some sleep. Otan was warming up when we heard a knock at the door "SECURITY" uh oh! um apparently there was a party next to our room and security thought it was us making too much noise. We were a little worried at this point but that didn't stop us, Otan started to play, the after party was in full swing and "KNOCK KNOCK", "SECURITY". Now we were warned that if we didn't keep it down that they were going to throw us out. Don't fret we have 10 rooms with all of us so lets bounce to another room. hehe! We went to another room and continued, Otan begain to play as we all edsat around and just listen to him. It was like having Aaron with us since Otan sounds a lot like Aaron. He played covers of Staind and a few of his own songs. After a while he even started taking requests. HAHA! It was now 3am WOW! time to get some sleep. We said goodnight and headed back to our room, see you all tomorrow.

Aaron Lewis solo show with special guest LoPro at the Mohegan Sun December 31, 2007

   We headed out on the road at 11:30 and anticipated a very uneventful ride to Connecticut. Rocco, the kids and I all ready for New Years Eve at the Mohegan Sun Casino. We arrived at our hotel at 3:00. Nope no horrific storms, no falling trees, no breakdowns, just a smooth calm ride, for once. After a little rest we dressed and headed to the show. As usual we always end up parking in the summer garage which is as far away from the cabaret as you can get. Once inside we begin manipulating the casino floor maze, sign after sign reading Cabaret this way. They should put a sign that says Cabaret So Far Away. Turn after turn after turn, the cabaret was in our sites, when (of course things were going to smooth, you should have expected this part)we'll call her rude, obnoxious, dimwitted, clueless mohegan employee # 1, starts screaming at Rocco. Rocco hard of hearing as he is doesn't even know that this crazy woman is chasing him. When she finally catches up to him she says that underage children are not allowed in this area. We're going to the cabaret, right there 20 feet away. To no avail and we were instructed to turn around and go back to the beginning and go around the other way. Once we got back to start we didn't see another way to get there, so Rocco decides to ask the information desk, here we introduce Mr. Dumb and Mrs. Dumber, who instruct us that there is no other way to the cabaret and that it didn't matter because you have to be 18 to enter. Quickly we tell him he's wrong and he grabs for his guidebook where it says, "Children under 18 not permitted without a parent or guardian", after Mr. Dumb reads this to Mrs. Dumber she says no, that's wrong. So eventually she calls her supervisor who tell her its up to the cabaret and they send us on our way. Oh yeah the nightmare is over, eerrrrkkkkk, What do you mean my name is not on the list and you dont have tickets for me. Not too worry a quick phone call and wala, enter Richie with 2 tickets and all our troubles faded away. Into the venue we went escorted to the VIP section and we were ready for Mr. Lewis to set the tone for the new year.

   At around 8:30 the lights went out and out came Lo Pro, who as usual performed an amazing acoustic set. They did "Letting Go" where just before the first chorus a very clean shaven Aaron Lewis slithered out on the stage to sing with Pete. They did "Sunday", "Fake", "Bombz", "Hang On", and "All I Have". They thanked the fans for all the support and exited the stage. Pete Ricci did the ceremonial walk off only to turn around and set up Aarons guitars.

   Shortly thereafter Aaron emerged said his usual hello and sat down with his guitar. After a few moments of thinking aloud about what song to open with, he opened up with "Novacaine". His impromptu list included "Please", "Home", "Excess Baggage", "Let it Out", "Everything Changes", "Zoe Jane", "Waste", "Something in the Way", "Angel", "Hurt"(Johnny Cash/Nine Inch Nails Cover), he teased us with "Sexy Back",and an almost complete version of "Whats Going On", the Outfields "Your Love", a few of his newly written songs, "Massachusetts", "Tangled Up In You", and"Anywhere But Here". He concluded with "So Far Away", "Epiphany", "Outside", "Its Been Awhile", and a micless rendition of "Intro" ended the night. Aaron left the stage and the New Years Eve show was over.

   As promised Lo Pro was outside the venue hanging with the fans. We went over and I got my usual big hug and hello from Pete. It was good to see them again. They posed for pics with my girls and signed a CD for them. We chatted for awhile and said goodnight.

   We then hooked up with Raina, Ally, her husband and son and went down to the casino to bring in the new year. Dancers from Cirq' de soleil were dangling from the casino ceiling doing their act as the seconds ticked down. We got to see the NYC ball drop and said our well wishes to each other. We all shared our first meal of the new year and some really kick ass shakes. At 2am we decided to call it a night. Yet another wonderful night spent with Aaron and friends. See ya'll in February.

Aaron Lewis solo show with special guest LoPro Nokia Theatre NYC August 28, 2007

   We set out on the road to Manhatten on the afternoon of August 28th, 2007, on the way to another Aaron Lewis Solo Acoustic Show. A quick stop in Queens to drop off the kids and we were off. We arrived early and spotted Anthony and Angela waiting on line. We parked the car and headed to the venue. We picked up our tickets and all access passes at will call and we were in. Once inside we met Aaron's current tour manager Judd White, who made sure we were all set and we headed downstairs. Outside the meet and greet room we were informed that an all access pass doesn't get you into the meet and greet, WHAT? B.S. if you ask me. I didn't care, I just wanted to see Anthony's girlfriends' face when she finally got to meet Aaron. Didn't get to see it, but her face was still aglow as she walked out of the M & G.

   We checked out the venue and walked around a bit. Much to Rocco's dismay I didn't abuse my all access pass, in fact I didn't even use it, I didn't want to bother Aaron before the show. We wandered upstairs before the show started to have our last smoke. Upstairs we ran into Dave Licursi, Aaron's old tour manager and Chris Ballini. We chatted a bit, took a few pics and headed back downstairs for the show.

   Eventually we sat down in our seats in the balcony and awaited the evening to begin. Lights dimmed and out came Lo Pro. They played a really awesome acoustic set. They opened with "Not Me", and before their second song Pete introduced Aaron and Chris Ballini and they joined Lo Pro on "Letting Go". They did "Sunday", "Oblivion", "All I Have" and ended up with "Hang On". They put on a great set and I'm still baffled on how these guys dont have a record deal. They said their thank you's and told us to get ready for Aaron.

   Aaron finally emerged and opened up with "Please', followed by "Something Like Me", "Schitzophrenic Conversations", "Excess Baggage", "Fill Me Up", and a new tune which he wrote in a parking lot in Sioux Falls South Dakota called "Anywhere But Here". He teased us with "Freebird", the whistle intro to "Patience", "Stairway to Heaven" and two by Neil Diamond, "Love on the Rocks" and "Turn on your Heartlight". Continuing with "Home", "Everything Changes" and then breaks into a speech about how he has to play certain songs like "Epiphany" and then plays "Zoe Jane". He teased us again with tidbits of "45" by "Shinedown", "Vera" by "Pink Floyd" and explained how many brain cells he lost due to that album. "On and On" by "Stephen Bishop" was his next tease followed by "I Want it that Way" by the "Back Street Boys" and created hysteria with "Sexy Back" by "Justin Timberlake" and then "The Sign" by "Ace of Base". He then attributed the next song for his success in music and broke out with "Rainbow Connection" by "Kermit the Frog". Two by the "Eagles", "Hotel California" and a very lispy "Desparado". He concluded his tease set with "More Than Words" by "Extreme", "Dead or Alive" by "Bon Jovi" (words of advice Aaron , never do a Jersey song in New York) and did a second run at "Shinedown's" "45". Back into the Staind world again with "Let it Out" but quickly left with "Puff the Magic Dragon". Chris Ballini came out to join Aaron on the next few songs. They did "Angel", "Black", "Comfortably Numb", a "Bring it on Home" intro into "Bonghits for Breakfast", still unsure how he makes that harmonica sound, and they finished up with "Sober".

   After a long applause Aaron thanked Chris and he perched himself back on his stool. He did a tease of "Be Quiet and Drive" by the "Deftones", and "So Far Away", he then got up said goodnight and walked off the stage. He reemerged and did a mocking tease of "Nickelbacks" "Photograph", and finished up the night with "Outside", "Right Here", and "Its Been Awhile". Aaron thanked us all for coming and said goodnight.

   As we were heading out we saw Lo Pro hanging out, taking pics and signing autographs. I introduced myself to Pete and he immediately knew who I was and we had a very pleasant conversation, Pete signed my all access pass then we headed out the door in desparate need of a cigarette. Once outside, the usual bunch of peeps converged together. Ramona, Rocco, Raina, Anthony, Angela, Valerie, Lanie and I hung outside the venue along side Aarons bus. A short while later Aaron emerged, cigarette in mouth and walked right over to us. He asked us to do autographs first and then pics. We all got our stuff signed and took pictures. I asked for a second pic and Aaron said I could have as many pics as I wanted. With that I asked Aaron to sign my new Staind Tribute Tattoo on my ankle and he obliged. As he signed my leg he looked up at me and said Lisa you got me on my knees here, yes Aaron Lewis was on his knees on a Manhatten sidwalk signing my ankle, it was awesome. We all said goodbye as he boarded the bus and Aaron looked back and said Lisa keep doing what your doing, and I answered I will. Yet another kickass show to add to my memory bank.

Staind Mohegan Sun July 05, 2007

This review was written by Rocco:

   The rattle and hum of fireworks had now passed, the brightness of the summer sun began to squeeze its way into every crack and crevice of our windows. The fifth of July was upon us, yet another day to be added into the Staind show log book. Lisa, the kids, and myself were ready and we headed out towards Connecticut for hopefully another memorable evening filled with riffing guitars, beating drums, and crazed fans. The ride was pretty much uneventful and went by pleasantly quick.

   We arrived at the casino early, our kids looked around in awe at the amazing decor and craftsmanship of the Mohegan Sun Casino. Yet our early arrival was not to appreciate the fine handiwork displayed there, but to enjoy our meeting with 5 very special people who will remain nameless. After our little get together we headed towards the arena area. It was the usual flock of fans screaming out to Lisa and whisking her away like some A List celebrity. We all met some real cool people that night, some new acquaintances and some friends we hadn't seen in a while.

   Once the doors opened we headed inside to find our seats. The utter look of terror and excitement on our kids faces was priceless. As each roady walked across the stage our littlest one, Lindsey, kept asking is that Mike, is that Aaron. It was obvious she was psyched. Our older one , Leeanna was being more subdued, however her excitement was building inside.

   Once the lights went out and the little flickers of people wandering onto the stage was completed the light came on and Fuel was all ready to kick some serious ass. Fuel put on a really great show which surprised us since when a band changes lead singers, it is usually its downfall. Toryn really stepped in and didnt miss a beat. They did Shimmer, Falls on Me, and Gone, along with a handful of other Fuel songs. All in all I think really impressed the crowd. Toryn ended his set and asked the crowd if it was ready for some Staind. That question brought on such an explosive roar from the crowd. Fuel thanked us all and walked out. Lights back on, let the countdown begin.

   Staind came out with a vengeance, almost having a chip on their shoulders. It was as if they were out to shut the nay sayers up and prove to the world that Staind could still rock wth the best of them. They opened up swinging, belting out "Suffocate", and following it with "Open Your Eyes". When the opening chords of "Just Go" emerged from Mikes guitar, the whole place kinda looked puzzled. They tapped into "Chapter V" with "Falling" and "King of all Excuses". Then they blew us away with "Spleen". By this point in the show, both our kids were standing on their seats singing, my little Staind fan was on her chair belting out the words with devil horned hands and all, pounding them at Aaron everytime he passed our side of the stage. After "Come Again", Aaron looked at my little Staind fan and flipped her a guitar pic, which missed her and proceeded drectly into my mouth. Who was this up on stage. Had we somehow been beamed back into days of "Dysfunction". They mellowed a bit with a few of their slower songs. They did "Fade", "So Far Away", " For You", and then a crowd pleasing version of "Epiphany" featuring Aaron alone onstage armed only with his electric guitar. After settling down into a mellow state from "Epiphany", the guys flew back on stage to rip our hearts out with "Come Again". They wrapped up the show with "Right Here", "Outside", "Its Been Awhile', and ended the night with the usual "Mudshovel".

All in all it was one terrific show. Was a prelude to a much harder Staind CD, or just something to prove to a lot of people that they still have what it takes. Either way only time will tell.

Staind The Borgata Atlantic City, NJ July 03, 2007

   After weeks of counting down the days, the day was finally here. It felt like forever since I had seen the boys last. Headed out at 2:00pm, to Brooklyn, to meet up with my BFF Ramona at the "Secret Staind Spot". I said my goodbyes to Rocco and the kids and jumped into the team Staind mobile. Then we proceeded on our way to pick up Ramona's brother Michael. After that we were on our way to NJ. Traffic wasn't too bad, a few stops here and there but within minutes, it would start to flow again. Before I knew it, Welcome to New Jersey, then onto the Atlantic City expressway. Checked into the hotel, dropped my bag, and started to get ready to see those four faces that I have missed so much. Rushed out the door to get to the Borgata on time for the meet n greet. Back onto the Atlantic City expressway which the Borgata was right there around the bend. My heart started to beat faster due to the excitement of knowing I was going to see Staind in just a few minutes. My phone rings, it's Jess, wanting to know where we are cause Dave is reading names off for the meet n greet. I tell her to stall him and tell him we are about to get off the exit. My heart starts to race and I start to get nervous thinking we will miss it. With that Ramona missed the exit and now we have to go back around again. Now there is no way we are making that meet n greet for those who don't know how the Atlantic City expressway runs. It's like a maze with no way out, it's very confusing. Back onto expressway get off the exit to the Borgata. At this point we were taking our time knowing that we had to have missed the meet n greet. One minute I was having an adrenaline rush next minute it was an adrenaline crash and burn. We walk into the venue security stops us to check for camera's. I had a throw away camera to use for the meet & greet but as most of you know Borgata has a no camera policy. So after a few not so nice words to Mr. security guard I was on my way up the escalator, with my camera mind you. hehe I spot Jess sitting with a bunch of Staind peeps, I walk up to her and ask that dread full question. So how was the meet & greet? To my surprise her answer was "WE DIDN"T HAVE IT YET" WHAT? I didn't miss it? OMG! I scream over to Ramona "WE DIDN'T MISS IT". Jess said the tour manager said there were some people missing on the list and they were going to wait and give them time to get there. Within a half of a second my adrenaline kicked back in, and the permanent smile on my face appeared.

   I chatted with some of my peeps who were there and long behold who do I see coming with his clip board? Mr. Dave Laccursi he starts to read off the names on the list. One peep after another said here then he looks up and says "Where's my Lisa?" I shouted here, then I told him how I thought I missed it. He said we wouldn't have started without you. Apparently he saw I was on the meet n greet list and gave me the extra time to get there. Love you Dave =)

Dave leads the way to where the boys are, through the door and boom Hello Staind.

   We all line up and Dave is telling us the usual routine my phone rings and it's a Staind song ringtone of course. Dave busted out laughing and says LISA, I turn and say what? "Damn Staind fans won't leave me alone for a minute" It was a classic moment haha here we go one member at a time. Jon first I say hello shake his hand done next, Mike I ask how the babies are and my god could his smile get any bigger? His face lit up like a Christmas tree when he started to talk about the twins. I loved every minute of him telling me about them. I gave him a hand shake and said goodbye next, Johnny April small chit chat and as always I tell him "Stay off my board" haha he laughs and says it's Staind board. I remind him I take care of it so it's mine another laugh or two a hand shake and next, Helloooooo Mr. Lewis small chit chat a few laughs a hand shake and now it's picture time "Yippie". I walk over to take my picture with the boys and Aaron puts his arm around me like he always does for fan pictures. But then starts to tell Mike, Jon, and Johnny how I'm amazing on the Internet and that I help them a lot. "Blush" I said Johnny knows what I do and then I had to throw in another "Stay off my board" I just love busting his chops. Click, Click the pic is done and I'm starting to walk away. I turn to them and say bye, Aaron says enjoy the show I tell him I will, Due to the fact I was solo and that I will be seeing him again in 2 days but with my kids. I then said how I was going to have a kick ass time and enjoy every minute of it. Knowing that when I see them in 2 days having my kids and rocking out just won't work to well. He laughed we said goodbye and headed into the venue.

   We head into the venue, it was pretty empty at this point since the doors only just opened. I walked around a little, and met up with some peeps, we said hello and moved on. I met Danny for the first time, he was front center guarding his area to no avail. It was nice to meet some new faces and great to see some old one's too. The venue started to fill up, everyone is now pumped and ready to rock the fuck out. Lights go out Fuel comes on and boy was I wrong. I didn't think they would sound good with the new lead singer. "WRONG" they kicked major ass. They were very fan friendly, and the new guy sounded just like the old one. They played all their hits, "Wasted Time", "Shimmer", "Gone", "Hemmorage", and then some. I didn't plan on jumping up and down and screaming. I wanted to save myself for Staind but, who could hold themselves back from this kickass band? Fuel finishes, lights go back on, the stage is being prepped for Staind.

The roaring riff from Mike's guitar screams in our ears. The stage lights go on and there they are, it's party time.

They started with "Suffocate" which I must add, on the way to the show, our conversation was wouldn't it be kickass if they play some of the stuff off Dysfunction?

   So after the opening song "Suffocate" we got what? "Open your Eyes", I turned to Ramona and high five girl friend with a Fuck Yeah!, which was the word of the night. "So Far Away" then it's time for yet an other "Fuck Yeah"!, when they played "Just Go" with that we heard "Fade". Then a Chapter V favorite "King of all Excuses", "Come Again" off of Tormented. Now it's time to calm the crowd down with an Aaron Lewis solo acoustic treat of "Epiphany". Don't fall asleep anyone cause Staind's about to rip it up again with "Falling", "For You" and then "Home". It was like the heavy metal gods had booped Staind on the head for this setlist. Now for a little "Outside", then I turn to Ramona yet again for another high five girlfriend as the rip roaring sound of Aaron's voice starts to scream as he started to sing "Spleen". Now the mosh pit gets bigger, the crowd is out of control, so it's time to chill to "Right Here" and "It's Been Awhile" and ending with "Mudshovel". This was by far the best Staind show I have ever seen. Hearing those songs live I felt like I was lifted off into a time zone back in 1999. To my surprise seeing Karp kicking major ass in the pit was shocking. The last time I saw him was at Aaron's solo show in Sayreville NJ. It's always those quiet ones you gotta watch out for, haha just kidding man =)

   Now that the show was over I was more then ready to sit back and relax in the Borgata cafeteria. The cafeteria is one of my favorite places after a show at the Borgata. I have had so many good times there just hanging out with everyone and chit chatting the night away. Grabbed something cold to drink went to find a table, ran into some more peeps. Josh again and BG whom I have been talking to online for like a year now. We are all chatting away, Ramona, Josh, Mike, BG and I turn and who do I see coming in the door? Yes ladies and gentleman Mr. Aaron Lewis and Vanessa Lewis strolling along holding hands., Can I get an "awwww"? They stroll over to "Fat Burger" haha wow who would have thought Aaron and Vanessa would eat in the cafeteria? They acted like regular people waited inline to order food. Now can you tell me is there any rockstar out there that would do that? AS IF!, BG wanted to walk by them so I said I would go with him. We walked by and BG stops and says hello to Aaron. I just stood there sucking down my soda as if it was my last drink ever. They chatted for a minute or two, Aaron looked at me with a puzzled look on his face. BG said his goodbye and we went back to the group of peeps. Chatted for a few more minutes then left. Time to get back to the hotel for some zzzz's this was by far the best meet n greet and Staind show I have ever seen. Can't wait to do it all over again in two days. See ya then.

Aaron Lewis solo acoustic show Starland Ballroom Sayreville NJ March 31, 2007

   Its March 31st, a happy yet sad day for me. Yes, I am on my way to see Aaron Lewis, but in the back of my head is the reality that this is the last show for quite a while. We arrived nice and early to avoid any problems and met up with Justin, we were the only 2 cars in the lot. After a little chit chat my girl Valerie showed up and we exchanged our usual greeting. Nice and early is good right? Not! Yep you guessed it another drama filled show.

   The Email from Artist Arena was pretty specific about arriving at 6:30 to ensure Meet n Greet entry. While waiting in line we met up with Cyndi and Jess. So there we were at 6:30, on the will call line awaiting our meet n greet with the man. So there we were at 7:00, on the will call line awaiting our meet n greet with the man. So there we were at 7:30, on the will call line awaiting our meet n greet with the man. So there we were at 8:00, on the will call line awaiting our meet n greet with the man. Ok, finally we were brought inside. About a half hour later after checking all our ID's and issuing us bracelets we proceeded deeper inside. After waiting for two hours in the freezing cold, Tony one of the owners, commented about the meet n greet being a bit cold was abviously some sort of sadistic joke. We were led through the back of the venue and outside, yes outside. Obviously the meet and greet room wasn't accessible from inside the venue. While watching the flashing neon pizza sign and oddly checking out the broken barbeque grills, Aaron emerged, walked by us, apparently going to lead us somewhere. Nope not even close. The meet and greet was in the back of the venue outside the kitchen. This couldn't be happening but unfortunately it was. We all walked one by one up to Aaron, said a few words, got our stuff signed and walked to the back of the line to wait for our picture. During my brief encounter I told him to make it simple and make it to ADDICTEDtoStAiND, this made Aaron look up and smile. I told him thank you again for the bottle of Dom at the Borgota and told him that whole night was still a bit foggy. He responded by saying "well champagne will do that to you". When I told him that I didn't drink it he was a bit shocked, he said' Your supposed to drink the champagne and keep the bottle, I signed the bottle not the champagne". We both laughed and I asked him if his Aunt was feeling better, he said "I didn't know she was sick, you know I'm on the road and everything". I blew his mind when I told him "You ever hear of a telephone", that line kinda left him speechless. When my hubby Rocco got his pic signed Aaron told him that "he's got one great girl there". The meet and greet pic up against a shiny metallic bus. Thats it, a flash of the camera and it was over.

   Once inside we were seated. You wanna talk about an intimate event, the tables were so small, I felt like a sardine. After 45 minutes cramped into these fisher price tables Aaron finally emerged.

   He greeted the crowd and was treated to a huge eruption of applause. He opened the show with "Please", followed by "Excess Baggage", "Fade", "Zoe Jane". Due to the annoying drunk fans talking through Aarons singing and obviously annoying the piss out of him, he addressed the crowd with a whisper "Asshole" which prompted the entire crowd to begin chanting 'ASSHOLE" several times. This obviously pissed off those being targeted and eventually led to their removal from the show. Aaron said " now that was funny but I didn't mean to throw them out". He then did "Something like Me". Due to a constant annoying barrage of "Beetle" requests, he responded " Beetle, that stupid Howard Stern song" and played a tease of it. He got back to it with "Fill Me Up", "Sleeping at the Wheel"(work in progress song), "Black Rain"(for Kats boyfriend who requested it during the meet and greet), "Everything Changes", "Reply"(for me), "So Far Away". and ended the first set with "Epiphany".

   Aaron introduced his buddy Chris Ballini to the stage. They started with an Edie Brickell tease of "What I Am", followed by (another work in progress), "Angel", then Alice in Chains "Nutshell", Pearl Jams "Black", an incredible bluesy version of "Bonghits for Breakfast", Alice in Chains "Angry Chair", GNR's "Patience", STP's "Plush", and ended with Bon Jovi's "Dead or Alive". Chris received a huge ovation from the crowd.

   Aaron thanked Chris and continued with "Home", and "Sober". Aaron said thanks and walked off stage only to come back a few minutes later. His encore began with "Right Here", followed by "Outside", and ended with "Its Been Awhile". During "Its Been Awhile" the entire crowd sang the entire song back to Aaron, he didn't even need to sing. It was an incredible emotional moment. This was by far one of the best solo shows I've been too even with the cheesy meet and greet.

   Unfortunately this will be the last review for a while. Lets all look on the bright side, Aaron said Staind is going back into the studio in May to begin working on a new CD as well as him also working on his solo album. Which is very exciting news for each and every Staind fan. This was a great tour I have met so many great fans. Looking forward to seeing you all during the next round. See you all soon and Be Safe.

Aaron Lewis solo acoustic show Atlantic City NJ February 10, 2007

   Its February 10, the incessant sound of Phil Anselmo's voice screaming "This Love" over and over irritated Rocco enough to get up and turn off the message alert on my phone at 8am. The hotel room phone officially woke us up at 10am. Anthony and Angela were already up dressed and ready for breakfast. Looking in the mirror and at Rocco sleepily wandering around the hotel room I unfortunately had to pass on breakfast. We got dressed and headed to Ant and Angela's room at around 12. We hung there for a while just talking and checking out photo's and music on my laptop. Lots of chatter about the previous nights show. It was cool showing Angela all the Staind photo's and music on my comp while Anthony gently serenaded us in the background on his guitar. Angela really enjoyed the show and you could tell it wouldn't be her last. We decided to do a little shopping on the strip. We ducked into American Outfitters not to shop but to just get out of the frigid air for a few minutes. Walking quickly down the street we went into the Coach outlet store where Angela and I checked out bags and Anthony pondered purchasing a 100 dollar umbrella, of course I'm being sarcastic, empty handed we left coach and made one last stop in Claire's. After a little shopping we left and decided it was way to cold to continue so we headed to Applebees for a little lunch. We enjoyed a nice lunch, some good conversation, a little entertainment watching Anthony trying to put Angela's cell phone charm on her phone, is it on there yet? HA HA! We had a good time, Rocco and I really enjoyed hanging with you guys and hope too again real soon. Quickly back to the car and back to the hotel. Ramona and Raina came to our room to hang awhile. Rocco slept soundly as we got ready for the show. Dressed and ready we headed out once again to the Borgata, even though we really didn't want to go, with Ant and Angela not having tickets and most of our other peeps not going. Once at the venue we met up with Bernie and Kerri, it was cool to finally put a voice to those IM's. We chatted awhile and out of nowhere Craig appeared and told us that they had four tickets left at the box office and they all were there again. Strange how things work out. While waiting for Aaron we saw Jess come in, some dude outside the venue asked her if she was a fan, she said yes and he gave her two tickets.

   Aaron emerged to his usual ovation and settled onto his stool. Some girl in the front row got up and told Aaron that she had just gotten engaged. Aaron congratulated her and commented on the glare from her ring. Aaron once again opened with "Fill Me Up," and added "Layne," "Home," and "Schizophrenic Conversations" to the list. His usual humor was back along with the usual teases. He teased "I Saw Red," and "Desperado." He covered "Sober," "Nutshell," He really hit the mark on "Sober." After playing "Layne" he oddly called out "Kris are you there?" and then explained that Kristen was a Staind fan that was taken away from us way too early in life. He dedicated "So Far Away" to her and sat playing in this incredible slow moving light show that made him glow like an angel. He then did "Please" again, so incredible acoustic. After a lengthy applause he called side stage, "Pete wanna bring that out for me." Pete brought out a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne. Aaron called out "Lisa where are you," Rocco elbowing me and silly me sitting there like what. "Lisa where'd you go," more elbowing from Rocco. I was like why would he be calling me. My heart stopped beating, my eyes bulged practically out of my head, and my brain hiccuped when Aaron yelled out "Addicted to Staind where is she." The crowd erupted into a sea of applause and I did what anyone else would do I sat there for a second and screamed until reality kicked me in the ass and I jumped out of my seat screaming "I'm Here I'm Here." Aaron continued "Damnit Where are you," he finally saw me and said "get up here." I ran to the stage where Aaron took off his hat and handed me the bottle and said "Happy Birthday," Aaron then said "That's for everything that you do for me," "Thank You" There I stood looking up to the stage probably looking like a child on stage at her first school play. I smiled and said "Thank You." Immediately this became one of the greatest days of my life. All my hard work suddenly felt so worth it. I sat back down, turned to Rocco and said "Now I can die in peace."

   The rest of the show was quite a blur to me, yet I hear it was really good. Aaron once again brought out his bud, Chris Ballini, they did "Brother," "Bonghits" and then Aaron polled the crowd over "Angry Chair" or "Garden." "Garden" won, at least to Aaron it did. Aaron started playing "Garden" while Chris started playing "Angry Chair." Aaron turned back to Chris and asked him, "Are you with me," they then agreed on "Garden," much to my delight.

   All in all it was a great show, a great night, and it left me feeling totally on top of the world. After we left the venue and were wandering around the casino my phone rang. I had missed the call but saw who it was so I immediately called them back. It was Aaron's Aunt Jeanna, I said hello and she said "Gotcha." The whole bottle thing was planned out by Aaron and his Aunt. They got me alright. You just gotta love the Lewis Family.

   Once again we all met up after the show at the Borgata cafeteria. Anthony and Angela came to meet us and hang as well. After a bite to eat Stacey, Cyndi, Craig, Anthony, Angela, Kim, Gary, Raina, Rocco and I all headed to Kim and Gary's hotel room. We sat around just laughing our asses off, the stories that Kim was telling us the little private jokes we had the best time ever. Ramona made a birthday cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday to me. My night just kept getting better and better.

   After a little while there, someone knocked on the door, when it opened I was shocked to see Aaron standing there. He just wanted to wish me a Happy Birthday. He gave me a hug and went on his way. Oh shit, that was just a dream, I hate those dreams that seem so real. hahaha.

   Everyone retired to their rooms and Rocco, Anthony, Angela, and I stayed a while longer. Eventually we had to say our good-byes to Kim and Gary. We left their hotel and headed back to ours. I just sat there in the room while Rocco slept and stared at my bottle. Reliving that moment over and over in my head.

   The next morning Rocco and I as usual got up at the last possible moment, checked out, and met up with Anthony and Angela in the lobby. We got some coffee and headed home. Another incredible weekend, but this one will sure be hard to top.

Feburary 10, 2007 will forever be in my heart and soul. Thank you Aaron for making this the most memorable evening.

Aaron Lewis solo acoustic show Atlantic City NJ February 09, 2007

    Its Friday, February 9th at 12 o'clock. Let the adventure begin, bags in the trunk, gas in the tank, Staind CDs everywhere, and their off. The Staindmobile slithering through the twists and turns of the southern state parkway, rumbling over the pot hole laden belt parkway and onto Bay Parkway, a quick stop at the official Staind meeting point in Brooklyn, to meet up with Anthony and Angela. We tossed around some hellos a nice to meet ya and its back on the road. We cruised through Staten Island and quickly tackled the Garden State Parkway and before we knew it we were on the Atlantic City Expressway and shortly thereafter in the lobby of our hotel. We checked in, settled in, ordered in some food, and sat back for a little R&R before the show. Wow a drama free road trip, oh shit forgot to mention that. Along the way my bro, Justin, called with the horrible news, he wouldn't be coming to the show. He got lost and his car was having a bit of trouble, we tried to think of any possible way to get him to A/C but it was useless.

    At about 7pm we headed out to the Borgata Hotel and Casino for our 2nd annual Staind Fans Unite show. Fans from all over the USA coming together to see the man himself, Aaron Lewis Live and Acoustic. This year the list of fans increased two fold. Lets see we have Kim and Gary all the way from Texas, Stacy from Florida, Cindy and Tony from North Carolina, Craig and Cyndi from PA, Ashley from PA, Valerie from NJ, Bill from PA, Raina from CT, Linda from NJ and the usual NY crew of Rocco and I, Ramona, Heather and Eddie, and Anthony and this years newest addition Angela, Anthony girl who experienced her first show and is welcomed into the Staind family with open arms. We had so many people gathered up in the front that event staff were forced to come up and tell us to break it up. So many faces I haven't seen in so long. We all settled in our seats awaiting Aaron's emergence onto the stage.

    He stepped onto the stage with the usual barrage of cheers and whistles. He greeted the crowd with his usual "Hey." Aaron opened the show with "Fill Me Up", he played , "Right Here", "Its Been Awhile", "Outside", "So Far Away", "Something Like Me", "Zoe Jane", "Reply", "Devil", "Everything Changes", "Home", "Let it Out", "Excess Baggage", and please make sure your sitting down, acoustic versions of "Please"and "Fade". it was simply unfuckin believable. He brought out his long time friend Chris Ballini and they pumped out the Alice in Chains song "Brother," they did "Bonghits," and quickly becoming my favorite cover, Pearl Jams "Garden." This was my first experience seeing Aaron and Chris play together. I was amazed by their performance so insync and perfect together. His only solo cover was "Patience." It was a good show even though it was missing the usual Aaron humor and the endless cover teases. Just hearing his voice puts you into your own safe place.

    We all met up after the show took a few group shots. Then headed into the cafeteria for a bite to eat. We all caught up since we haven't seen a few in almost a year and most 6 months ago. After some real cool chit chat and a few laughs we called it a night. We got back to our hotel and planned on meeting for breakfast in the morning. See ya tomorrow.

Staind Greenville SC. December 09, 2006

    We set out at 3am on Friday evening for our latest Staind road trip. By far our longest one yet. My hubby Rocco, my 2 kids and myself on a twelve hour ride to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We made good time and after a brief stop at South of the Border we began the final leg of our trip. We arrived at our hotel at 4pm and checked in. On the way Rocco must have gotten something in his eye because it had swelled up and became red as a tomato. We hung in the room and relaxed after our long drive.

    Saturday morning came quick, we all woke up at 9:15, got washed, dressed and to the airport by 9:40 to pick up Justin. We found Justin, still alive after his first plane trip, sitting in front of the airport rubbing 2 sticks together trying to light his cigarette. We picked him up and brought him back to the hotel. Since his king suite,(the entire fourth floor) wasn't ready yet he chilled in our room for a bit. We all hung out and enjoyed the amazing view of the ocean from our balcony. Justin and I didn't want to go to the show that night, the hotel was just too nice too leave, but we realized it was all in the name of Staind. We finally heard from Raina, and we all got ready for Stage 1 of our trip, the Greenville show that night. The ride to the show was figured to take forever, but thanks to Raina's turbocharged right foot and some good ol' conversation we got there just in time for Staind to take the stage.

    The venue was only half full, we later came to find out that a typo on Staind.com eluded fans to think the show was sold out when in fact it was not. Staind took the stage and Aaron addressed the crowd, they opened with "Falling" and followed with "Crawl". Aaron obviously in a good mood repeatedly said "Good evening, good evening, I don't know why I like saying that". They played "So Far Away", "Fade", "Open Your Eyes", and rarely played live "Spleen". They did "Come Again" and then we were treated to a surprise acoustic performance. Everyone left the stage and Aaron appeared center stage on a stool. He announced "This song is about A.D.D" and played an emotional "Epiphany". This song is about a piece of shit preluded the guys return to the stage to do "King of All Excuses". Aaron then told the crowd that two nights before they played with Hinder and he realized that their song "Lips of an Angel" was the identical four chords as "Everything Changes". After hoping he would do a cover of "Lips of an Angel" he said "Go figure" and played "Everything Changes". They followed with fan favorite "For You" and half way through the song Brett from Shinedown, one of the opening bands we missed, came out and finished the song with Aaron. They played "Outside", "Right Here", and "Its Been Awhile". Before ending the show with the usual "Mudshovul" Aaron gave us one of his touching quotes, it went like this, "Hey I don't know how the fuck we got here, its been almost 10 years, 5 records, and your still fuckin here, Im not foolish enough to think that that's not the not the only reason why I'm still here so thank you very much for letting us do what we do, for allowing us to play for you this evening, its an honor and a priveledge, so with that being said take care of yourselves, take care of each other and drive careful on your way home". They played a classic "Mudshovel" and another great Staind show came to an end. However we still had a four hour ride back to our hotel.

    After an hour of freezing and waiting, Justin and Raina returned from the buses. They thought they had taken pics with the Brett, the singer from Shinedown when it was actually the guitarist, Jason. Exhaustion had set in, we got gas and proceeded on a slow journey back to Myrtle Beach. After a brief pit stop followed by some sort of wrong turn we were lost in the middle of nowhere. While driving aimlessly my phone rang and it was Ramona, she got to Myrtle Beach at 8:30 and Rocco picked her up from the bus stop. Assuming I knew already since I told her I just spoke to Rocco. She started talking about the accident. Apparently she had borrowed the Staind Mobile and got into a little fender bender, Rocco neglected to tell me this when we spoke earlier. Now being lost and not knowing what my car looked like, frustration began to set in. After being given wrong directions and riding down this dark secluded road, which seemed more like a deer trail, we saw a bunch of headlights approaching fast. To our amazement the headlights belonged to nothing other than Staind's tour buses. We jumped in behind the buses and followed our Staind saviors back to Myrtle Beach, maybe now I could finally say "Staind saved my life". With the buses guiding us the long ride seemed much quicker and a helluva lot safer, the sun had started to rise when we got back to the hotel.

    A brief shut eye session on Sunday morning was ruined as I walked into my room to find my kids waiting for me to watch the sun rise. I gave up on the sleep thing and began to relax with my coffee on the terrace when someone knocked on the door. It was my little bro, Justin, we sat there in the sun enjoying the view and chatting. Rocco "with his one eye" took Justin and the kids to the store and upon pulling out of the spot proceeded to tear off the passenger side mirror from the Staind mobile.

Staind House of Blues Myrtle Beach SC. December 10, 2006

    The day flew by and before we knew it was time to get ready for stage 2, the Myrtle Beach show. We got ready and headed out to the House of Blues. We arrived at 7pm to see a massive crowd already lined up outside. There we were driving by this crowd, Staind blaring from our radio, the Staind mobile fully Staind out and with the custom STAINDNY plates we got quite a few looks from the crowd. We exited the car and bypassed the crowd and headed to will call. As we walked by the crowd we heard several people mutter, "it cant be her, she lives in New York", well it was me. We arrived at will call and got our passes, we were escorted by security to our private orchestra room above the stage, where my kids would be safe from any crowd danger. It was quite a different feel being up there and actually above the guys. We got to see alot of behind the scene stuff. We got to see Jon giving one of the crew drumming tips and warming up on a drum pad. Mike guitar tech intricately tuned each of Mike guitars and placed them in order on the side of the stage. Being up there I found out that Mike uses a different guitar for each song. The little games and antics the guys do when their out of the crowds view was kinda cool, especially Aaron making the yawning motion to Jon before he played "Its Been Awhile". Rocco screamed out to Aaron after a song which drew a look from Aaron and a whats up from Mike, Mike always recognizes him. They played the identical set list from the night before, the only difference was the lack of crowd communication from Aaron. His only extended convo with the fans was when he warned the crowd surfers that they were putting the fans up front in danger and if they didn't stop they would be booted. To no avail they continued to surf and several people got the boot. Several fans weren't happy with Aaron's announcement and threw ice and beer cans on stage. My kids really enjoyed the show and I think they have finally been totally converted into full blown Staind fans. All in all the show was great, the Greenville show was much better. After the show was over we headed back to the hotel at this point the kids were out cold in the back seat. My phone rings and it was my peeps calling to see where I was. I told them I was heading back to the hotel which then I found out they were all waiting by the busses to try and catch the guys. I wanted to be standing there with them but knew I couldn't. I had to be Rocco's eyes and could not let him drive alone. When my peeps returned to the hotel they called for me to go up to "The King Suite". Knowing it was our last night together I went. I sat there listening to their stories about meeting Aaron by the buses. At this point I was ready for the shut eye I so wanted the night before. Another Staind road trip comes to an end. So with Rocco's eye still beat red and only 1 mirror we decided to stay another day. We dropped Justin off at the airport, but thanks to security he missed his flight. Apparently most terrorists book the "king suite". He caught another flight a little later with less of a layover so it worked out for the best. We finally set out on our journey home on Wednesday at 11am. We were making good time, we got to Virginia by 5pm. Unfortunately the headlights from the cars was driving Rocco's eye crazy, so we were forced to stop in a hotel for the night. Its now Thursday and were on the road again, NY or bust. We finally pulled up to our house at 6pm. We made it. Yet another drama filled Staind experience.

Aaron Lewis solo show at Longmeadow High School November 04, 2006

    Aaron Lewis performed a benefit concert at Longmeadow High School, his Alma Mater in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. All proceeds of this show went to the creation of the Longmeadow Music Endowment Fund.

    We headed out on the road to meet my girl Ramona in Brooklyn. I left the staind mobile said good-bye to Rocco and the kids and headed out. Longmeadow or bust. This trip would be a walk in the park compared to our usual Staind Road trips. Once in Massachusetts I phoned Johnny G and we were all set for our Staind pre-party. We all hit a local bar and to my amazement, last call at 1:30, Huh? wow in NY we start our night at 1:30. The early last call didn't stop us from having a blast. We moved our party to the bar's parking lot where we proceeded to blast Staind music and sing aloud like a bunch of rowdy teenagers. After an hour of freezing our asses off we called it a night.

    Weeks before the show Raina had planned a Staind fan pre-show dinner, and as usual I was fashionably late. I was able to meet some new faces, Bea and her daughter, Bill, and Justin. Of course the usual faces were there, Ryan, and Raina. We had a quick bite, a few laughs and headed out to the show.

    We arrived at the high school, all ready for yet another amazing show. Aaron emerged with the Longmeadow High School music teacher. Aaron was presented with an award showing Longmeadows appreciation for Aaron's' giving back to the community. Time to get on with the show.

    For those of us who had previously seen Aaron's solo shows had a good idea of what to expect, not so fast. It was a typical Aaron solo show until that first swear word came up and wait, hold the phone, Aaron danced around it. Using f'ed up instead of fuck and baggage instead of shit, threw the crowd into a raucous laugh. Aaron explained he promised it would be a clean show.

    Aaron wowed the crowd with the usual favorites, a few rarely heard ones, and some awesome covers. From the Staind library he played Everything Changes, Schizophrenic Conversations, Zoe Jane, Epiphany, Falling, Fill Me Up, Its Been Awhile, So Far Away, Devil, Outside, Right Here, and rarely heard Let it Out. Seagull, Release, Piano Man, War Pigs, Patience, Black, and newly covered Comfortably Numb rounded out his covers list. He covered Led Zeps Going to California, the very same song he played at his high school variety show, and as an added bonus he called Henry out of the audience to play it with him just like at his variety show. Aaron played Something Like Me, a new crowd favorite and said he had to bend the clean show rules a little and played Bonghits for Breakfast much to the delight of the fans. Aaron was accompanied by his beautiful wife, Vanessa who sat side stage during the show.

    Aaron's solo shows are always a fun time. His little comments that he sneaks in really stir up the crowd. For those who paid the extra money and got an after show meet and greet got an extra treat. A great show and an although rather quick meet and greet was a great combination. I got my show poster signed and have an awesome picture of Aaron and myself as a memory of a great night. While getting my pic taken with Aaron I told him I would see him in Myrtle Beach. I expected a little surprise on his part that I would be traveling so far. I got the surprise reaction I was looking for, however it was for a different reason, Aaron talking out of the side of his mouth as to not spoil the picture said, "Were playing Myrtle Beach??". It was a classic moment and a great finale to my great night.

Staind Virginia Beach VA. September 29, 2006

    This show was not a good experience for me. Ramona and I missed our exit and was stuck driving all the way on I95. Which added another five hours to the seven hour trip. Making the trip twelve hours of pure hell. The End,

Staind fan appreciation show in NYC September 06, 2006

    Staind played an acoustic show in NYC last week in an extremely intimate setting. This show was recorded for their greatest hits CD and a new DVD to be released November 14th.

    The Staind CD's blared from our car window on the way to NYC last Wednesday anxiously anticipating our arrival at the venue. Even my husband, Rocco, who was the designated baby-sitter and chauffeur and didn't get to go to the show, was still psyched just to see the familiar faces and to debut the new Staind Mobile. We finally arrived at the venue and found a modest line outside, much less than the all out mayhem we had expected.

    We were able to enter the venue a little early, thanks to Renee, and got a front row seat, close enough to see the scar that Aaron's old eyebrow ring had left. They opened up with "Falling," followed by "Schizophrenic Conversations." Also off Chapter V they played "Devil," "Reply," "Everything Changes" and "Right Here." They played rarely played "Zoe Jane" and "Fill Me Up." Their usual "Epiphany," "So Far Away," "Its Been Awhile," and "Outside," which after a few notes Aaron stopped the show and polled the crowd whether they would mind or not if they stopped playing songs like "Outside" and "Its Been Awhile." The crowd agreed that those songs had been played out and would much rather hear other songs instead. People screamed out song titles from all of their CD's. However they still played them, with Aaron mimicking hanging himself. They covered Alice and Chains' -- "Nutshell," Tool's - "Sober," and Pink Floyd's - "Comfortably Numb." The unreleased Something Like Me was also played, much to the crowds delight.

    Several points in the show tended to linger in my mind. They were to play "Home" when Mike realized he could not remember how to play it, much to Aaron's amazement. Aaron played the first few notes for Mike on his guitar. After several attempts by Mike followed by Aaron saying nope that's not it, they scrapped the idea. It looked almost like a planned comedy skit between the two ending with Mike turning his chair and his back to Aaron. The current seemingly unending tour was obviously getting to the guys and the tension flared between Aaron and Jon, when Jon apparently was playing the drums a little too fast for Aaron and Aaron let Jon know by turning around and telling Jon to slow it sown. This seemed to push Jon over the edge and he pretty much just sat there making faces and hardly playing. As fans we love the fact that this tour has gone on so long, but we also must remember that like ourselves they have families too who they have sparingly seen. Life on the road is rough.

    Once again I was able to meet up with several people at the show. Shout outs to the NY crew Anthony, Frankie (Baccala), Linda, Heather -n- Eddie the cutest couple ever and Ramona my BFF love ya. Ryan the ultimate Staind fan I know we will meet up again at one of the shows. It was also nice meeting some of the fan club member, Zoe, Kat, and Raina. Renee, thanks again for getting us in early and getting us great seats. Next time you are in NY we will do that dinner we keep putting off.

    All in all it was a great show. The intimate setting made this a special event for the fans. With the acoustic sound and a little electric too. Which gave this show the best of both worlds. It was the Staind songs we have all grown to love with a bit of a jazz sound. It reminded me of the old J-Cat days. For those of us in the Northeast, Staind is done up here for a while. We'll all sit back reminisce about the shows we have seen and anxiously await for November 14 to roll around.

Staind Mohegan Sun CT. September 02, 2006

    Well another show has come and gone, but this one had an extra special feel to it. This one should have been called "The So Far Away Show". The fan attraction that Staind has kicked into high gear on Saturday evening, bringing together a band of fans from across the country, many only knowing each other from the Internet. Rocco and I drove in from NY, as did Ramona. Kim flew in from Dallas, Texas. Stacy flew in from Orlando, Florida. Craig and Cindi drove in from Pennsylvania. People from far away places came together for one reason, to kick some serious ass with Staind. But as usual with any Staind show, this one was not without drama. Kim's flight from Texas... delayed. Stacy's flight from Florida... delayed. Craig and Cindi picking up Stacy at the airport Friday night and having to go directly to the show in Philly, going back home where the power was knocked out by the storm to get a few hours sleep and then get back on the road to CT. If Aaron's words are true, and the strength of the tree begins in the root, then the roots on that tree that fell across I-95 really sucked. That tree turned ours and Ramona's 2 1/2 hour drive into a 6 hour nightmare, and I guess Aaron was home and not driving when he said that the "storm won't blow me away". The wind and rain on the way to the show was intense and quite scary to drive in, right Kim lol. That storm would have forced any fan to say you know what, fuck this, but not a Staind fan. But the worst of it was Heather and Eddies car dying in the middle lane of I-95, they didn't make the show. It just wasn't the same without you guys.

    The best way to explain the Mohegan Sun show I guess is "WOW". They simply put on a kick ass show. Soil I heard was pretty good even though they really didn't have many fans in the arena yet. Three Days Grace was awesome. Adam really knows how to work the crowd and Barry is one kick ass guitarist. They did Animal I've Become, Home, and brought down the house with Hate.

    Staind emerged onto the stage to a furious roar from the crowd, the lights came on and yes there was Aaron front and center without his Boston hat, I guess the Red Sox recent collapse has put that hat into hiding. They opened up with Falling, the crowd immediately zoned into Staind mode. Arms flailing, heads banging, and people jumping, even though those annoying seats got in the way of too much movement. They did their usual, Crawl, So Far Away, Its Been Awhile, Fade, Outside, and Mudshovel. They pulled out a few we haven't heard in a while like Home, For You, and Open Your Eyes. They covered Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb to a tee and threw the crowd into a frenzy. They did Waste and Aaron introduced the song by saying "this is a true story". They tapped into Chapter V with Right Here and King of All Excuses. They gave us a big surprise with a cut off of Tormented, Come Again, and if you think Aaron belted out the lyrics on the CD he blew it away live, holding that final note even longer than the original. However just when you may have thought my review was coming to a close, I'm gonna blow you away. Aaron came out and introduced Barry from 3 Days Grace as a guest guitarist on the next song. Once Aaron mentioned the word guitar hero we all knew it was for Dime and it was time to go all out psycho to "This Love". Aaron does this song unbelievably, the crowd movement and noise was so intense as was Aaron's vocals, screams, and jerking movements. Aaron looked wiped after it and as the rest of the band and him walked off the stage, Mike continued with a solo and eventually leading into an unbelievable rendition of Van Halen's eruptions, if not for my eyes the two would not have been distinguishable. Mike was being videotaped throughout the entire show, often showboating with windmill twirls on the guitar. Aaron was noticeably more vocal during this show and hardly ever stood still. He once again thanked the fans for being the best fans a band could have and reiterated his promise that as long as we keep coming they'll keep playing, simply music to all Staind fans ears.

    Everyone I met for the first time as well getting to see the familiar faces made this a great evening. Kim from Texas proving her undenying support for the band by flying 1500 plus miles from Dallas, Texas, Stacy making her second trip up north from Orlando, and Craig and Cindy driving in from Pennsylvania. Big shout out to Johnny G AKA "Hillboy" it was a pleasure meeting you and your sister. A big hello out to Ryan for coming up and saying hello, I still cant believe you got tix for all the solo shows. Well the show has come and gone and all those smiling faces and laughter between us is now gone. So many faces we won't see until the next tour, left with just a still pic and a comment on My Space kinda sours the moment. The I miss you emails come pouring in, teary eyed fans left sitting at their computers thinking about the next tour already. It kinda makes you wonder if Staind actually knows what their fans go through to see them, storms, flight delays, accidents, etc. Or if they realize how many fans travel so far just to see an hour long show. I know that they appreciate their fans, but I just wonder how much they know. Staind fans are a rare breed, thats what makes us all special. We strongly support the band, fight ever negative word against the band, and pretty much do whatever it takes to see them. Show me another band with fans like us. So I bid you all a sad goodbye for now and just remember next year will bring a new tour and we'll all get together again to do what we all love to do...see Staind. To all my peeps in the NYC area, I'll see ya Wednesday.

Staind Nokia Theather NYC May 31, 2006

Part 1 (The Meet & Greet)

    It was just another night standing in line waiting to see the boys again while hanging with my peeps. We got there early so the wait was a little longer than I had hoped. Anxiously waiting for 5:30 to come around we chatted with people online and bullshitted about the show. At around 5:15 my chica from Virginia finally found her way to the show. I finally got to meet Renee in person for the first time. The doors opened at 5:30 and we began to file in. Once we got in we got the unbelievable news. Renee had hooked up me and my girl Ramona with All Access Backstage Passes, yes that's right, All Access Backstage Passes, HOLY SHIT. This was going to be one hell of a night.

    Then it was time for the meet and greet we went to meet Andrew and get this my name wasn't on the list, but armed with my Pass and my chica by my side, Ramona and I went into the room for our meet and greet. It was a nice and cozy lounge with kind of a seventies flavor to it. We all were there chatting when the boys walked in. It was like I had just seen them yesterday. The four of them were in great moods and to my surprise Johnny "Old School" remembered me from the last M&G. They made us feel so comfortable and by far was my best M&G to date. We chatted with the guys for a while, took some awesome pics, and had one incredible time. I got my Access Pass signed and we all got the usual promo pic signed. We all stepped aside so the guys could do a photo shoot with the Jager girls. The guys then cordially said good-bye to us and told us to enjoy the show.

    God it felt good to walk around wearing that pass knowing I could go anywhere and noone could stop me lol. We wandered around backstage for a while checking out Staind's dressing room, their catering room, and checking out the crew setting up the stage. It was really cool to see the behind the scenes of a Staind show.

Part 2 ("This Love" We have for Staind)

    It started out just like any other Staind show. The usual bunch of us wandered around during the opening bands performance. The opening band, a local Jager product, "Till December" was pretty good for an up and coming band. They played a couple of songs and said goodnight.

    Jagermeister's main emcee, "The Lizard Man" was there and when he announced the next band, " Hurt ", they received a so so response from the crowd. They kept small pockets of the crowds attention until they played their hit, "Rapture", which mostly everyone knew. They finished up and disappeared backstage.

    The crowd seemed to liven up when Lizard Boy welcomed Three Days Grace to the stage. Three Days Grace, a much more well known band, got the crowd into it with their hits, "I Hate Everything About You", their newest release "The AnimalI've Become" and they totally captured the crowd belting out their monster ballad "Home". They thanked NYC and told us to get ready for Staind.

    Lizard Dude decided to make us all a little nauseous before the boys came on, so he took out his earrings, replaced them with fishhooks and proceeded to hang a Jagermeister machine from his ears. Lifting it off the ground and swinging it around was pretty amazing until you looked closely at his ears and realized they were stretched out passed his shoulders. If that wasn't enough he introduced his buddy Dr. Grip. This insane totally psychotic dude takes the fishhooks, hooks them to his lower eyelids and hangs a bottle of Jager from each hook and yes he began to swing them around. Seeing someone's eyelids stretched out to that extent was pretty gross, yet in some strange way kind of cool. The Lizard Dude thanked everyone for coming, thanked the first three bands and then gave Staind a rip roaring introduction. But one last thing before the show started. Liz brought out Jon to do a shot with him. Jon came out in a Boston Red Sox jersey and the crowd let him have it, he quickly blamed Liz saying he made me wear it. It made for a good laugh but the anticipation was growing.

    The boys taking the stage was extremely anticipated by everyone. When the lights went out and you saw that usual little flashlight lighting Jon's path to his drum kit, we knew the time had come. They took to the stage and opened up the show with a Chapter V tune, "Falling". The one-second ago silent crowd violently erupted in a mind boggling display of screams, whistles, cheers, and clenched fists ripping through the air. It was as if 3000 sleeping people all had awoken and began to move at the same time. Staind as usual wowed the crowd with their sound. This show however would prove to of a different era. The boys played several songs that you never hear on tour. They played, "Take This", "For You", and when the first few chords of "Waste" left Mike's guitar the crowd went berserk.

    They split up the show by breaking out in an acoustic set, with Mike, Aaron, and Johnny sitting on stools. It was different and really a cool way to break up the show. The second half of the show just kept getting better with each song. Aaron belted out a great cover of Pearl Jam's "Black", and he seemed incredibly satisfied with the crowd singing along to Fade. Aaron and the boys oddly walked to the back of the stage, turned around picked up their instruments again and Aaron announced this would begin their encore. He complained about how much he hated bands that walked off stage for minutes only to come back and play so he decided this is how they would do it. When we all figured it was time for Mudshovel and our night to come to an end, Mike emerged from side stage with something amazing in his hands. The Hammer of the Gods, Dimebags rebel flag guitar, was there in Mikes hand. We knew we were in for a surprise.

    Aaron came center stage and reminisced about his boy Dime's untimely demise. He introduced Grady his guitar tech to the stage, he was also Dime's tech as well. Aaron then let us know that this next song was for Dime and it would only be appropriate if Grady played along. When Mike's fingers first touched those strings, and the opening chords of Pantera's "This Love" rang out it totally electrified the crowd. It was as if Dimebag rose out of the crowd, clearing a huge circle in the center of the crowd, which instantly filled up with one of the biggest and raucous mosh pits I have ever seen. Anyone who has in the past pissed and moaned about how Aaron has wimped out or he doesn't haven't anymore, ya all got one big Fuck You from Aaron as he belted the lyrics to "This Love" out loud and proud in an almost perfect Phil Anselmo fashion. His screams, facial expressions, his mosh like stage movements totally incensed the crowd. This one cover song deemed this show the top Staind show of all time to me. When "This Love" ended, all of us in the crowd, throats crying in pain from screaming, the pains in our legs from bouncing up and down, thought that it was done. Mike then proceeded to rip out Van Halen's "Eruptions" with such ease and perfection, instantly shutting the mouths of all those who have doubted Mike ability to go the next level. The boys ended the show in usual fashion with "Mudshovel". People if you missed this show and have yet to see any show on the Jager tour, run, drive, fly, or do whatever you have to do to get to a show on this tour. I really hate to sound like an ebay auction, but this show is a MUST for all Staind fans.

To all my peeps that I met at the show. Stacey you are so awesome. I'm looking forward to hanging out with you in June. Cyndi & Craig, you guys ROCK. Jess, you are one cool chick. Staind fans aren't just fans, they are family. When all you guys yelled, "ADDICTEDtoStAiND" I was blown away by it. Knowing that you appreciate what I do, just makes me thrive to keep this site going and updated. It's not for the fans, it's for the Staind family.

Aaron Lewis solo show Resorts Casino Atlantic City NJ April 08, 2006

    As you walk into the theater at the Resorts Casino in Atlantic City to see the one and only Aaron Lewis, the last thing you'd expect to see is a candlelit table lined room. That's exactly what you got last night if you were at the show. Tablecloth covered tables, each with a couple of candles burning dimly, all facing the well lit stage. The stage bare besides 3 guitars, a stool, 2 amps, and several water bottles. An almost romantic setting for the hundreds of fans who came to hear the voice they all love. An even better setting for all at my table, front row, center, I could've untied Aaron's shoes.(Thank You So Much Craig)

    Aaron emerged on the stage, grabbed his guitar, sat down on his stool, and greeted the crowd with a smile. He graced the crowd with the usual array of Staind songs as well as several covers. His rendition of Billy Joel's' Piano Man always mesmerizes my ears to the point I have to say, his is better than Billy's'. His little line change, "and the microphone smells like a bonghit," drew the usual roar from the crowd. The Pearl Jam classic "Black" was another crowd favorite, as well as his reluctant cover of "Daughter," which he totally aced. He surprised the crowd by doing a little piece of a song he wrote in high school called "Summer Rain." When he got to a part of "Summer Rain" where he sang about blue skies and dancing in the summer wind, he abruptly stopped playing and questioned himself about what the fuck he was thinking about. It was a little upsetting that the crowd did not embrace Aaron doing Kermit the Frogs "Rainbow Connection," I really wanted to hear it. Once he was able to stop smiling he did the GnR hit "Patience," during the song someone screamed Axl, Aaron quickly referred to Axl as a cock, and continued playing. He brought back an old one with Peter Gabriel's', "In Your Eyes," which was surprisingly good considering all the previous versions I had heard were horrible.

    His Staind songs included the usual. Reply was dedicated to his fans. Excess Baggage, Devil, Its Been Awhile, Fill Me Up, So Far Away, Outside, Home, Zoe Jane, and a really awesome bluesy, bassy version of Right Here comprised the list of Staind songs. He played "Something like Me," an unreleased song that didn't make the Chapter V cut. All through the night this dude in the front row kept screaming out "War Pigs," a huge Black Sabbath song, each time I heard him I had to laugh. Who on earth would have though that Aaron Lewis would close the show with a phenomenal cover of War Pigs. It totally wowed the crowd. All in all it was an incredible evening. Aaron's solo acoustical shows are a must see for any Staind fan.

Part 2 (The Blackjack Game)

    After the show Aaron moved to the 25 Hours Bar to play blackjack with a few fans. High stakes?? Oh yeah, 2 winners bring home a signed acoustic guitar. Aaron appeared to have a good time. I don't think the casino was ready for the flock of fans surrounding the bar during the games. Both guitars were given away to 2 extremely happy fans. After the games Aaron was wisked away by Richie, undoubtedly hurrying home to celebrate Zoe's Birthday.
Staind at Howard Stern's farewell show NYC December 16, 2005

Part 1

    It all started the night before the big Howard Stern farewell show. I IM'ed Mona the head of the Staind Street for a meet & greet pass for Friday night. She said she would try to get me one but then she had a crisis. Noone came to pick up the Staind flyers for the show, now all the flyers with the words to Beetle were in this girl Julia's room, with no way of getting them to the show in the morning. So I had my husband drive into manhattan and pick up the flyers so I could hand them out the next morning at the event. So the three hours my husband spent driving was well worth it, since I, yes I, got a meet and greet pass for Friday night's Staind show. It was 6:30 am on Friday and my friend Ashlee and I were on the Long Island Railroad heading into manhattan with 1000 flyers in my daughters play suitcase.

    After arriving at Penn Station, we hailed a cab which got stuck in the traffic and we had to walk four blocks to get there. Wow what a crowd, we could'nt get anywhere near the stage. We handed out a ton of flyers at the rear of the crowd. Staind came on and did Beetle, much to the delight of the fans. They followed Beetle with one of their new songs, "Everything Changes", which abruptly ended half way through the song when the soundsystem crapped out. So all we got was a song and a half from the boys, not to worry the Roseland show later that night would make up for it.

Staind Roseland Ballroom NYC December 16, 2005

Part 2

    We arrived at Roseland at 4:30 to meet up with Civia from the Flyleaf team to do a little promoting before the show. We handed out posters, flyers, and download cards to everyone online. Soon 5:15 rolled around and I had to run to will call to meet Stainds tour manager, Andrew, to go to my meet and greet. Thank god a good meet and greet at last. It wasnt like the A/C disaster, we got stuff signed and yes I got to take a pic with the guys, it made my night. After the meet and greet I picked up my tickets at will call and headed into the show.

Part 3

    It was yet another typical night at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC, rough and rowdy. Plenty of moshing and crowd surfing to satisfy anyones appetite for insanity.

    Flyleaf pleased the crowd yet again, with Laceys phenomenal screams inciting her fans in the crowd, and amazing those who've never saw her before. Another impecable performance by the up and comers, Flyleaf. Perfection in all aspects of their performance.

    Taproot did their usual set to a somewhat smaller audience following. While their singer was unique in going out into the crowd while singing, their performance was quite mainstream. A good voice and quality instrumentation.

    POD as usual livened up the crowd. The moshing began to really escalate as well as the crowd surfing during Sonny's set. Sonny laid his body to rest atop the crowd while singing to his fans, which is something awesome to see. Lacey Mosely from Flyleaf even came out and joined Sonny on a song, although she was shrouded in smoke, she was there. All in all a pleasing performance from POD.

    Staind came on after a brief crowd surfing disaster delay. Aaron clad once again in his Boston hat gave the crowd what they came for. At one point the audience began to chant Boston sucks, causing Aaron to salute them with the bird. A perfect mix of old and new, from Break to Paper Jesus, another glance at Dimes guitar, and a heartwarming speech by Aaron thanking the fans for still coming out after 7 years made for a classic Staind show.

    The Fall Brawl tour is coming to a close and it has obviously taken its toll on all 4 bands, a much needed rest was obvious in all their faces.

I met alot of cool people during the fall brawl tour. It was awesome meeting all of you. Here are just a few shout outs to my peeps lol Ashlee, Ramona, Heather & Eddie, Josh AKA you lucky bastard lol, Anthony, Jared, Alison your M&M's rock. Here is a pic of the M&M's that Alison had made special. They say Staind Chapter V on them how awesome is that.

Staind Borgota Hotel & Casino Atlantic City NJ. December 10, 2005

    Last night's Fall Brawl Show was simply incredible. Three great bands live at the Borgota Hotel and Casino. Yes it was supposed to be four, but the lead singer for Taproot came down with food poisoning and they were unable to play.

    Flyleaf opened the night with an explosion of furious screams and extreme animated guitar playing. Lacey Mosely has a voice which can only be explained as "the mouse that roared". Her small size is ultimately diminished the first time she lets out one of her ferocious screams. Her voice stunned and pleased the crowd. The guitarists played perfectly, all the while jumping, spinning, and at one point flying off a high speaker. Bottom line, Flyleaf proved they deserved to be playing with the big boys and all but assured themselves a spot in todays music world. Definitely a must see!

    P.O.D came out with their newest output, Testify, which was met with great pleasure from the crowd. Sonny stole the show, outdoing everyone with his stageshow antics. Sonny leaned into the awaiting hands of his fans, screaming out "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow". An amazing mix of rock and reggae resulted in a complete mark of perfection. Sonny seemingly bothered by the lack of crowd energy and the absence of a pit, (due to the stuffiness of the venue, and a bunch of overzealous security guards) incited the crowd. He demanded the lights over the crowd be switched on, he commanded his warriors to move and get the most of their high priced tickets. Almost instantly several spots magically opened in the midst of the dense crowd.Let the moshing begin. Security guards immediately stood up high at the crowd barriers, surveyed the insanity and quickly realized entering the crowd would be a bad idea. P.O.D brought a dead crowd back to life and inevitably STOLE the show.

    Staind came out as the headliner, a hell of a task after the two previous bands shook the house. However as usual frontman Aaron Lewis came out to a deafening roar from the crowd before he even uttered a single word. The crowd noise only intensified when the opening riff to "Falling" wailed from Mikes guitar. Stainds show had several high points. They played a song off their debut CD Tormented, for the first time in many many years. Another song rarely ever heard was "Blow Away", this quickly became the favorite live song of many of the fans. When the lights shined down on Aaron holding the guitar belonging to the late Dimebag Darrel, the crowd was insenced. It almost seemed as though Staind was transformed into their former selves of a few years ago, with Mike being more active than usual(if thats possible), Aaron screaming where he never screamed before, giving fans high fives, and pounding his chest. Even bassist Johnny April seemed more active. All in all Staind played an intense show to the crowds and their own delight.

    I forgot to mention the fact that Howard Stern's famous dwaf was there, Beetle Juice, he came out in his pimped out red suit and greeted the crowd. The only downside to this wonderful evening was the Borgota staff. They set up the meet and greet in the back of a bar along side people eating dinner and with music blaring. Every word each fan uttered was met with a what. You pretty much had to scream at the band. Eventhough the meet and greet passes said to bring cameras, the first flash went off and this irritable staff member quickly ripped the camera from its owners hand, said no pictures and walked away. The show was great but the staff left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Do yourself a favor, if you wanna gamble go elsewhere.

Staind Randall's Island NY September 17, 2005

    Staind once again thrilled the crowd. Last night at Randalls Island in New York City, Staind gave a free concert in association with Honda Motors. After waiting in the rain and then trudging through the muddy field. We finally arrived at the stage area. Once all the water was removed and Mikes guitar issues were cleared up they took the stage. Aaron, clad in his Red Sox cap, amused the crowd with, "Im glad somebody showed up". Yes it was a small crowd maybe 300-350 people.

    They played a wide array of music, Some new stuff as well as their older hits. Aarons vocal performance was amazing, hitting notes and stretching notes beyond their usual manner. They played Falling, Paper Jesus, Right Here, Everything Changes and delighted the crowd by stating this ones for you, and playing Reply. Among their other hits they played Outside, Yesterday, Fade, For You, Crawl, Its Been a While, So Far Away, a small snippet of Beetle and Nutshell "AIC Cover". They ended the show with Aaron belting out Mudshovel.

    Im sure they were a little surprised at the minimal turnout, but it gave the Band and the fans a more personnal experience. All in all this was a great show, among my favorites, and to those of you in the tri-state area who decided not to make the trip, you missed an utterly amazing show.

My phone call with Mike Mushok September 17, 2005

    I can not tell you how much I enjoyed this exclusive phone interview. Speaking to Mike that day will always be one of the highlights of my life. I will always refer to Coheed and Cabrini "Conehead and Cobrini". haha.

Staind Street fansite winner September 06, 2005


    The Staind Street fansite contest results are in! Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner ADDICTEDtoStAiND from Lindenhurst , NY who's fansite www.addictedtostaind.com won her a phone call from a band member to be recorded and featured on her fansite, a dysfunctonal fanclub membership, an exclusive Staind CD sampler, and her link to be added to staind.com and Staindstreet.com.

Staind Boston City Hall free concert August 09, 2005

    Free Staind show in Boston, hmmm, 4 1/2 hours away. Didn't seem so far after I won a Meet and Greet pass. Rented a car because the Staind mobile's transmission went *sniff*. Started out on the road at 11:30, plenty of time to get there. My hubby, my 4 and 8 year old daughters and me, were on our way.

    Traffic in NY, in CT, and in MA kinda made it a bit tight timewise. Got off the exit at 3:50, still had enough time to get there. Grabbed the mapquest directions, right at fork in road and merge onto Cambridge street, great, except for the fact that Cambridge street is no where near the exit. Found a cop writing a report on some dude that got hit by a car. I asked him directions and we were on our way. Found it, parked in the lot, all of us jumped out of the car and BOOM. My 8 year old daughter begins to vomit in the garage. Shes burning up with fever and feeling faint. Crazy thoughts filled my head, both sides of my brain fighting back and forth, meet and greet, sick daughter, meet and greet, sick daughter. Shit, shit ,shit. Got to be a mom first. I got my daughter some ginger ale and she was feeling a bit better, it's now 5:00. Meet and Greet was done, gone, over. My lifelong dream crushed, god I hate kids, lol only kidding.

    We went to the plaza and set up to watch the show. Staind did a single song to tune their instruments and they were awesome. The show started at 7:30. Staind played, as usual, a kickass show. My 8 year old had a good time, eventhough she pretty much felt like crap the entire show. My 4 year old however had the time of her life, sitting on my hubbys shoulder the entire show, clapping, screaming, making the devil sign with her hands( I dont know where she learned that), giving other fans high fives, and singing along, much to the awe of the other fans around us. All in all it was a great night eventhough I missed the Meet and Greet.

Staind Hartford CT. July 16, 2005

Part One

    We hit the road at 11am heading out to CT. Traffic wasn't bad at all and we made pretty good time. Arriving in time for the meet and greet at Daddy's Junky Music was great. We stepped inside the store and wandered around aimlessly for a few seconds until we spotted the guys at a table in the back. I'm sure the smile on my face was quite large as we headed towards them.

    They were very friendly, saying hello and thanking us for coming. My hubby got to get his visor signed, and we got a few signed promo pics. I reminded Mike how I had met him recently outside K-Rock in NY and he remembered me, that was awesome. They were very appreciative when they heard we drove in from NY. They both posed with me and my hubby for a pic, I blinked and I looked like a total moron, ahh I hate that. We all shook hands and told them we would be at the show later that night. I was on cloud nine after leaving the store. It was such a good feeling meeting them.

Part Two

    We arrived at the Dodge early and parked in VIP parking. Non VIP parking was like 5 blocks from the arena, I dont think so. The Dodge was different from most arenas, outside the arena was like a mini-mall with little music shops, food stores, and a heavy metal makeover tent. We grabbed a bite too eat, overpriced and not so tasty. I bought a Staind Chapter V jersey for $45.00, well worth it.

    Pit tickets put us right in front of the stage. No Address opened the show, I didn't care for them, a little too southern rock. Breaking Benjamin followed with a great set, they are an awesome band. While they were playing Aaron appeared side stage with Zoe to check out the show, she is so cute. She had on a pair of huge earphones to protect her from the loud music. After Breaking Benjamin finished Aaron's wife Vanessa was side stage, and let me tell you, for someone who just had a baby she looked damn good. The whole Lewis family was there, how cool is that.

    Staind came on and opened with "For You". You all know the set list so I won't list it. They did "Paper Jesus" which was incredible. They did an awesome and emotional "Nutshell". For all of you out there who have been saying that Staind has gotten soft and Aaron can't scream anymore are all very WRONG. Aaron screamed louder than ever, carrying notes with intense power. It was one of the best shows I've seen yet.

Aaron & Mike at Krock radio station NYC May 18, 2005

    Aaron and Mike stopped at Krock during Booker's show. Since I was not called for the meet and greet, I decided to take a ride to the city to see if maybe I could catch Aaron & Mike.

    After circling the block for an hour then parking in front of the Krock building for awhile, I saw them come out onto the sidewalk. I ran out of the car across the street to try to take a pic and just say hi to them, well as I was trying to get my camera on, beings I was shaking from head to toe just standing in front of Aaron and Mike. I was a nervous wreck. Then Mike asked me if I wanted to take a picture, "I almost Died", so the body guard guy took my camera to take a pic with Aaron, Mike, and I "OMG". Just having Aaron and Mike's arms around me I was soooo loving life. It was the most amazing 3 minutes of my life. Then I shook Aaron and Mikes hands and thanked them.

    As soon as I got back in the "StAiND Moble", My hubbies truck. I put my digital camera on to see the pic and to my surprise it was not there, the only pic that was there was Mike's legs which I took when I was trying to put the camera on. I was soooooo upset, I had met Aaron Lewis and Mike Mushok and had no proof besides my hubby who was sitting in the truck and saw the whole thing. He just loved teasing me about the dumbfounded look that I had on my face. So my only proof is my memory in my head forever. Oh yeah and the pic of Mike Mushok's legs lol.

Staind Dunkin Donuts Center RI. July 23, 2004

    Staind put on one hell of a show. They came out rockin, and as usual Aaron mesmerized the crowd with his acoustical set. They played all their latest hits from 14 Shades of Grey, and past hits from Break the Cycle, and Dysfunctional. The trip to Rhode Island was a disaster due to major traffic on I-95. Causing a 3 hour ride to become a 6 1/2 hour ride. But after the show that 6 1/2 hour ride was well worth it.

Claus-Fest 2003 Hammerstein Ballroom NYC December 06, 2003

    This show was insane. On the day of this show NY got over 2 feet of snow, but yet the show went on and it was AWESOME. Staind was the headliner band along with The Offspring, POD, Puddles of Mudd. Chevelle was supposed to play but they didn't make it due to the blizzard.

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