Staind Live from Mohegan Sun 2012

 1. Eyes Wide Open
 2. Falling
 3. Right Here
 4. Throw It All Away
 5. Spleen
 6. Fade
 7. Failing
 8. So Far Away
 9. Crawl
 10. For You
 11. Paper Wings
 12. Outside
 13. Not Again
 14. It's Been Awhile
 15. Mudshovel
 16. Something To Remind You

Staind 2011

 1. Eyes Wide Open
 2. Not Again
 3. Failing
 4. Wannabe
 5. Throw It All Away
 6. Take a Breath
 7. The Bottom
 8. Now
 9. Paper Wings
10. Something to Remind You
Staind Live from Mohegan Sun DVD 2012

 1. Eyes Wide Open
 2. Falling
 3. Right Here
 4. Throw It All Away
 5. Spleen
 6. Fade
 7. Failing
 8. So Far Away
 9. Crawl
 10. For You
 11. Paper Wings
 12. Outside
 13. Not Again
 14. It's Been Awhile
 15. Mudshovel
 16. Something To Remind You

Staind 2011

DVD documentary - The Making of Staind

Aaron Lewis solo EP Town Line 2011

1.Story Never Ends
2. Vicious Circles
3. Country Boy (with George Jones, Charlie Daniels, and Chris Young)
4. Tangled Up In You
5. Massachusetts
6. Country Boy
7. Country Boy
The Illusion of Progress 2008

  1. This Is It
  2. The Way I am
  3. Believe
  4. Save me
  5. All I Want
  6. Pardon Me
  7. Lost Along The Way
  8. Break Away
  9. Tangled Up in You
10. Raining Again
11. Rainy Day Parade
12. The Corner
13. Nothing left To Sat

The Singles 1996 --> 2006 (2006)

 1. Come Again (remix)
 2. Mudshovel
 3. Home
 4. It's Been Awhile
 5. Epiphany
 6. For You
 7. Outside (Family Values live version)
 8. So Far Away
 9. Price to Play
10. Zoe Jane
11. Right Here
12. Falling
13. Everything Changes (Live acoustic)
14. Sober (Live acoustic)
15. Nutshell (Live acoustic)
16. Comfortably Numb (Live acoustic)
The Videos DVD (2006)

Just Go
Outside (Family Values live version)
It's Been Awhile
For You
Price to Play
How About You
So Far Away
Right Here
Everything Changes
Sober (Live from Hiro Ballroom NYC)
Everything Changes (Live from Hiro Ballroom NYC)

The videos DVD includes a complete collection of Staind's music videos. Plus two bonus videos recorded live from Hiro Ballroom in NYC.

Chapter V Limited Edition (2005)

 1. Run Away
 2. Right Here
 3. Paper Jesus
 4. Schizophrenic Conversations
 5. Falling
 6. Cross To Bear
 7. Devil
 8. Please
 9. Everything Changes
10.Take This
11.King Of All Excuses
12. Reply
13. Novocaine (Bonus Track)
14. Beetlejuice Song (Bonus Track)
15. Let It Out (Bonus Track)
16. Reply (Alternate version Bonus Track)
17. It`s Been Awhile (Acoustic version Bonus Track)
Chapter V Limited Edition DVD (2005)

Staind Chapter V' Limited Edition DVD, A 40 minute DVD directed by Mark Fiore. This DVD takes you behind the scenes, in the studio and on stage with the band. Extras on the DVD menu include outtakes & bloopers, discography and the video for "Right Here".

DVD code! Try each code to see which one will open the doors to the hidden passage way. 555, 939, 739, 889

Chapter V (2005)

 1. Runaway
 2. Right Here5
 3. Paper Jesus
 4. Schizophrenic Conversations
 5. Falling
 6. Cross To Bear
 7. Devil
 8. Please
 9. Everything Changes
10. Take This
11. King of all Excuses
12. Reply

14 Shades of Gray (2003)

 1. Price to Play
 2. How About You
 3. So Far Away
 4. Yesterday
 5. Fray
 6. Zoe Jane
 7. Fill Me Up
 8. Layne
 9. Falling Down
10. Reality
11. Tonight
12. Could It Be
13. Blow Away
14. Intro
Break The Cycle (2001)

 1. Open Your Eyes
 2. Pressure
 3. Fade
 4. It's Been Awhile
 5. Change
 6. Can't Believe
 7. Epiphany
 8. Suffer
 9. Safe Place
10. For You
11. Outside
12. Waste
13. Take It
14. Outside (Live with Fred Durst)
Homegrown DVD (2003)

This DVD is a forty minute home movie documentary of the band’s history since 1996, featuring exclusive concert video plus behind the scenes footage of the band recording their two previous albums, making videos, hanging out backstage, and much more.

MTV Unplugged DVD (2002)

Excess Bagage
It's Been Awhile
Can't Believe

Also Includes:
Backstage Interview
Fade (Video & Behind The Scenes)
Mudshovel (Video)
Outside (Video)
Epiphany (Video)
Dysfunction (1999)

 1. Suffocate
 2. Just Go
 3. Me
 4. Raw
 5. Mudshovel
 6. Home
 7. A Flat
 8. Crawl
 9. Spleen
10. (Hidden Track) Excess Baggage
Tormented (1996)

 1. Tolerate
 2. Come Again5
 3. Break
 4. Painful
 5. Nameless
 6. Mudshovul
 7. See Thru All
 8. Question
 9. No One's Kind
10. Self Destruct
11. Four Walls
12. (Hidden Track) The Funeral
Staind appears on the following compilations

 WCCC Live at plant sound 2006 (So Far Away)
 MTV Return of The Rock Vol. 1 (Just Go)
 Take A Bite Outta Rhyme (Bring The Noize w/ Limp Bizkit)
 Scream 3 Soundtrack 2000 (Crawl, Suffocate)
 Hard & The Heavy (Raw)
 Farm Club Live & Unreleased (Mudshovel)
 WWF Tough Enough 2 (Take It)
 Nascar Crank it Up (See Through)
 Up The Dosage (Spleen)
Aaron Lewis appears on the following albums

 Sevendust - Animosity (Follow)
 Limp Bizkit - Significant Other (No Sex)
 Cold - 13 Ways to Bleed on Stage (Send in the Clowns & Bleed)
 Linkin Park - Reanimation (Crawling Remix)
 Jimmie's Chicken Shack - Re.present (Falling Out)
Staind - Tainted: The Unauthorized Biography (DVD) (2001)

Loved by more high profile bands like Limp Bizkit, grunge metal band Staind have been rocking hard since 1995. Dark and loud, the quartet's career is documented on TAINTED, an unauthorized profile which compiles.

Staind promo's, imports and singles

Developing Artist CD 2000

For You Enhanced CD 02-01-2002 European Import (4 Tracks)
For You (Edited Radio Version)
For You (LP Version)
Suffer (Live)
For You (Video)

Its Been Awhile DJCD Promo CD 2001

Family Values CD 1999
Outside (Live with Fred Durst)

Family Values CD 2001
Its Been Awhile
Black (Pearl Jam Cover Aaron Lewis Solo)

Fade Australian Import CD 2001 (4 Tracks)
Fade (Radio Edit)
Fade (LP Version)
Its Been Awhile (Live on Mancow)

A Tribute to Staind Various Artists 02-04-2003

In the Chamber with Staind Various Artists 05-20-2003

Maximum Staind CD Unauthorized CD Biography 2001 (with free poster)

Everything Changes Vinyl Promo Single
Everything Changes (Tom Lord Mix)
Everything Changes (LP Version)

The Transporter Soundtrack

So Far Away German Import CD 08-04-2003
So Far Away (Radio Edit)
Novacaine (Non_Album Track)
Zoe Jane (Live From KROQ)

Vast Staind Reveille Sampler CD
Mudshovel (Clean Version)
Just Go (Clean Version)
Spleen (Clean Version)
Suffocate (Clean Version)

Outside European Single 2001
Outside (CD Version)
Outside (Live w/ Fred Durst)

The Singles Watermarked CD 2006

WBCN Naked Disc 2000
Home (Live)
Outside (Enhanced Video)

Outside German Promo Single German Import CD
Outside (RadioEdit)
Outside (Live w/Fred Durst)

Its Been Awhile Promo CD 2001
Its Been Awhile (CD Version)
Its Been Awhile (Alternate Version)

For You Promo
For You (RadioEdit)
For You (CD Version)

Price to Play UK 7inch Vinyl
Price to Play
Cant Believe (Live)

So Far Away UK 7 inch Picture Disc 2003
So Far Away (CD Version)
Novacain (NonAlbum Track)

Its Been Awhile UK 4 Track Promo 2001
Its Been Awhile (CD Version)
Its Been Awhile (Clean Version)
It's Been Awhile (Video)

Its Been Awhile UK 3 Track Promo 2001
It's Been Awhile (Live Version)
Its Been Awhile (Acoustic Version)

It's Been Awhile 1 Track Single 2001
It's Been Awhile

Hardvision VHS Marketing Video 2000
Just Go

3 From Dysfunction EPCD
Just Go

Kerrang Recharged UK Compilation CD 2002
It's Been Awhile

Right Here UK Single 2006
Right Here
Open Wide
Come Again (Demo Version)

Price to Play UK Single 2003
Price to Play
Let it Out
Cant Believe (MTV Unplugged)
Price to Play (CD Rom Video)

So Far Away UK Single 2001
So Far Away
Mudshovel (Live)
Promo Footage of Homegrown Video (CD Rom)

King of all Excuses CD-R Acetate 2005
King of all Excuses Radio Stations only

So Far Away UK Promo Video
So Far Away (Video PAL Format)

Absolutely Live High Voltage Westwood One Radio Show 08-11-2001
Just Go

So Far Away UK CD-R Acetate 2003
So Far Away (Radio Stations Only)

Price to Play UK Promo Video 2003
Price to Play (Video PAL Format)

Price to Play US Promo Single 2003
Price to Play (Radio Edit)

Disfunction Promo CD 1999 (Spelled with i instead of y)
Bring the Noise (Extra Track deleted from released CD)

Outside UK Video Promo 2001
Outside (Video PAL Format)

Break the Cycle Street Sampler 2001
Its Been Awhile (Snippet)
Can't Believe

Break the Cycle Street Sampler 2 2001
Its Been Awhile
For You (Snippet)
Fade (Snippet)

Its Been Awhile US 1 Track Promo 2001
It's Been Awhile (Custom Picture Sleeve)

For You UK 1 Track Promo 2002
For You (Custom Picture Sleeve)

Break the Cycle UK CD-R Acetate 2001
Outside Live with Fred Durst X-tra Track (Custom Picture Sleeve)

Break the Cycle UK Promo 2001
Custom Picture Card Included and Snippets of
Open Your Eyes
Cant Believe
For You

Break the Cycle US CD-R Acetate 2001
13 Track CD Custom Picture Disc

Big Shiny Tunes 7 2002
Canadian Compilation CD It's Been Awhile

Cold - Thirteen 2001
1 Track Promo CD

Vital Hitz DVD 2003
For You (Video)

Home Promo CD 1999
Home (CD Version) and Audio Biography

To The Bone 2000
Australian Compilation CD Home

Its Been Awhile Test Pressing CD 2001
Test Pressing CD
It's Been Awhile
Thirteen (Featuring Aaron Lewis)

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